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Why use Movolytics?

Simple to set-up, non-disruptive
and easy to use

Reduce fuel costs by up to 30%

Monitor driver location
- in real-time

Get clear insight on driver
behaviour and performance

No estimates, just accurate
data - straight from the engine

Driving your Fleet to Efficiency

What do we do?

Movolytics aim is to help businesses manage their fleet and reduce fuel costs. We can do the same for you. By identifying and helping to correct inefficient driving behaviours, we are confident we can save you up to 30% on your fuel spend.

How do we do it?

Our telematics system features a patented algorithm that analyses over 150 driving manoeuvres and records data on every vehicle, every driver and every journey. This information comes directly from the engine. (No estimated calculations like some other telematics systems.) Movolytics then crunches the numbers and display the results using smart data visualisation - allowing you to make smart, confident decisions in real-time for a safer, greener and more profitable fleet.

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