About Us

Who we are

Movolytics founders are a pioneering force in the telematics sector for over 20 years. Our technology, introduced in 1998, has evolved and to date continues to lead the way with cutting edge fleet reporting and monitoring.

Initially we provided powerful management reports on all aspects of vehicle movement. Later we enhanced our software’s capability and added clever and practical reporting on driver behaviour and fuel consumption helping to reduce the overall risks and costs when running a fleet of vehicles.

To date, we have invested millions into our software development to ensure that we continue to provide the most comprehensive, cost saving solution. Our latest release puts a strong emphasis on simplicity, ease of use and provides actionable business intelligence which helps address the challenges associated with managing the costs of running a fleet.

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What we do

Improve Driver Behaviour

We give you the ability to look at your drivers inefficiencies in order to take corrective action to increase profitability. Set up alerts about harsh acceleration, sudden braking, hard cornering and much more.

Monitor Fuel Spend

Through our advanced fuel technology, we give you the ability to know exactly how much it costs to run each vehicle. We flag exactly where your driver’s are wasting fuel.

Increase Productivity

Our customers use our simple yet detailed reporting to increase billable hours and measure actual hours worked.

Our Approach

We passionately believe in providing excellent customer support with a dedicated in-house team. We ensure a swift response to any customer query, provide unlimited training and have regular software upgrades so that our customers can maximise their return-on-investment from using our solution.
Image of how Movolytics tracking system works

How do you get started with Movolytics?

Implementing an unfamiliar business system can be daunting. That’s why we have made it easy to explore the benefits of Movolytics without spending any cash or committing to anything before you are ready. The first step is to request a demo. If you like what you see you can arrange a chat with one of our in-house customer service reps to discuss the nuances of your business and find out how Movolytics could help. If you decide to go ahead and implement our telematics system there are no installation fees, no training fees - in fact there aren’t any upfront fees at all. Just one fixed monthly payment to keep your costs manageable - with all equipment guaranteed and secured under warranty. And to help you get to grips with your new technology, we will give you all the training you need. Unlimited. For free. Forever.