Manage your fleet, cut your fuel costs

Take control of your fleet with telematics.

Using our fleet management software allows you to cut fuel costs, automate dispatching and gather unparalleled insight into every vehicle, every journey and every driver. Designed to give you the tools you need and nothing more, fleet management has never been so elegant. Ready to take control?

Fuel Management Solution

Fuel management

Slash your fuel costs by up to 30%

Get a real-time dashboard view of how much fuel each driver is using, how much they are wasting and how much it’s costing your business.

Using smart data visualisation to crunch the numbers straight from your engines, Movolytics gives you powerful insight on fuel consumption, fuel spend and potential fuel savings. We are confident our fleet management software could reduce your fuel costs by up to 30%. That means if you are spending £2,000 per month on fuel, you could bring your costs down to £1,400 - a saving of £7,200 per year.

Driver Behaviour

Driver behaviour

Get to know your drivers inside-out

Use our fleet management systems and get a dashboard view of driver performance, making it easy to spot who your best, worst and most wasteful drivers are.

What really happens when your drivers get behind the wheel? Our fleet management software tracks over 150 driving manoeuvres to build a performance profile of every driver - no matter how many different vehicles they use. Identify bad habits. Find out how much they cost in lost fuel. Browse daily, weekly and monthly performance reports.

Fleet Safety and Security

Fleet safety

Secure your fleet, enhance driver safety

Eliminate dangerous driving, make your vehicles more reliable and locate stolen vehicles .

Safety and security should never be stressful. Find out how Movolytics can enhance the lifespan of your vehicles, keep your drivers legally compliant, eliminate dangerous driving and help to recover stolen vehicles with our fleet management solutions.

Our telematics software automatically tracks the numbers that matter and sends reminders when it’s time to perform key maintenance checks to expand the lifespan of your fleet.

Fleet Ecodriving


Enhance your green credentials

When you cut your carbon footprint, you cut your fuel costs too.

Driving in a way that’s kinder to Mother Nature doesn’t just save fuel, it could help you win new business too. Movolytics trains your staff to drive green, gives you a dashboard view of carbon savings and helps you discover the link between ecodriving and your bottom line.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Track your vehicles - anytime, anywhere

Get a real-time view of driver location - straight from your web browser.

Movolytics shows you exactly where your drivers are. And with tools that automatically locate your nearest available vehicles, react to live traffic conditions and calculate fuel-efficient routes, dispatching is easier than ever before.

Get unparalleled insight into the activity of your fleet. Anywhere your drivers go, Movolytics goes too.

What is telematics?

Reduce fuel costs, track driver location and simplify dispatching - all through your web browser.

Telematics is a branch of fleet management technology. It gives you insight on all kinds of data associated with your fleet - fuel spend, vehicle location, driver speed, driving performance and an awful lot more.

Movolytics uses telecommunication devices to locate, track and interact with your vehicles via the cloud. All the numbers that matter are displayed in neat graphics that you can access through your web browser. Simple. You can expect unparalleled insight into every vehicle, every driver and every journey. And over time you can pinpoint exactly where it’s possible to reduce the costs of driving and vehicle maintenance. All while improving fleet efficiency and customer service. It’s not unusual for our customers to save thousands of pounds per year.

Is telematics right for your business?

For any business in any sector. All you need is vehicles on the road.

Telematics is for fleet managers and businesses that want to cut unnecessary overheads and simplify fleet management. With the right product you can make major savings, even with as little as four or five vehicles on the road. And the more you drive, the more ROI you drive.

If you have vehicles on the road and want to cut costs, improve driver safety and streamline your dispatch operations, your business could benefit from vehicle telematics - no matter what sector you are in.

Pay one fixed monthly fee, with nothing upfront and no hidden extras.

How much does telematics cost?

The cost of telematics depends on who’s providing it. With Movolytics and our fleet management systems there are no upfront costs, no installation costs and no training costs.

It’s all free. All you pay is one fixed monthly fee - with all telematics technology locked under a warranty and replaced without charge if something unexpected happens. Fleet management made easy.