Drive smarter, save money

It’s no secret that safe, efficient driver behaviour saves money. It makes accidents less likely too. But do you really know what happens when your drivers get behind the wheel? Transform driver behaviour with safety alerts, performance scores and more.

  • Drivers get live prompts on how to correct inefficient behaviours
  • Driver performance is tracked and displayed on a scorecard
  • Identify opportunities to reward drivers or implement training

Eliminate bad habits, slash fuel spend

Just like any good driver, our driver behaviour telematics is always watching and listening. Our patented algorithm analyses more than 150 driving manoeuvres and compound events across four categories: acceleration, braking, cornering and gear use. If it senses something isn’t quite right, our telematics system gives drivers real-time prompts on how to correct their behaviour. That boosts safety and reduces fuel spend in one hit.

Track drivers across multiple vehicles

What if your drivers use different vehicles on different days? With built-in driver identification features, Movolytics allows you to track driver performance across multiple vehicles. That’s perfect for fleets where vehicles are pooled. Over time you build a comprehensive history of each driver’s behaviour, no matter how many different vehicles they have used. Pull performance reports by vehicle or by driver for robust accountability.

Reward your best-performing drivers

Professional drivers can be stubborn. Getting them to change their habits is often a challenge. By using driver behaviour monitoring and by giving each driver a safety score based on their engine data, Movolytics allows you to gamify the driving experience.

Challenge drivers to improve their score and compete with one another for rewards. It’s a great way to motivate your drivers and incentivise safe, efficient performance out on the road.

Real-time alerts on dangerous driving

Speedy cornering driving you around the bend? Dangerous driving could cost more than your reputation. It puts lives at risk and there’s the potential for costly legal ramifications too. If Movolytics senses that one of your drivers is speeding, cornering too hard, braking too late or driving in any other way that puts safety at risk, you will get a real-time alert via SMS or email. When your drivers know you are watching, they are far less likely to break the rules.

Objective feedback for tailored training

Drivers don’t want patronising training sessions that tell them everything they already know. The best way to improve driver behaviour behind the wheel is to give each individual driver tailored feedback and training based on their specific performance. Movolytics’ driver behaviour telematics keeps a log of each driver’s risky events, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where they may be getting complacent and could do with improvement.

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