Good driving shouldn’t cost the earth

Ecodriving saves lives, saves money and saves the environment. Whichever way you look at it, driving in a way that’s kinder to Mother Nature is good for your business - and will help your CSR too. Movolytics makes it easy to show that your eco-commitments are more than just hot air.

  • Find the most fuel-efficient route for your journeys
  • Reroute to avoid the latest traffic flare-ups
  • Monitor driver performance and encourage efficient behaviours
  • Improve your image as an eco-engaged business

Find The Most Fuel-Efficient Route For Every Journey

The motorway isn’t always the best way. Tell Movolytics your destination and it will find the most fuel-efficient way to get there. Our telematics system will even incorporate live traffic information to prevent you from splurging fuel while struggling in heavy jams. And you can feed the route directly to your drivers to follow via SatNav. Fleet management and dispatching has never been easier.

Encourage greener drivers, reduce fuel spend

What’s the best thing about eco-driving? It reduces your fuel spend. Every second your engines are running, Movolytics is monitoring over 150 driving manoeuvres. If it detects inefficient behaviours - such as speeding, rapid acceleration, engine idling or late braking - it gives the relevant driver real-time prompts on how to correct their performance and drive more efficiently. There’s no simpler way to encourage a culture of eco driving.

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See exactly how many kilograms of carbon you are saving

The need to reduce carbon emissions has never been greater; consumers have never been more eco-engaged. It’s the reason words like ‘carbon footprint’ have turned from CSR buzz-terms to business-critical challenges. Showing your target audience that you are taking steps to reduce your impact on Mother Nature can have a transformative impact on the way people perceive your brand. And Movolytics allows you to quantify your efforts, with reports that show exactly how many kilograms of carbon your eco-driving efforts are saving.

Eco-driving is the new business drive

Driving more efficiently could help you win new business too. While you may not have CSR guidelines that outline your pledge to cut carbon, lots of businesses do. Your green credentials could help you win new contracts, new clients, new suppliers, new customers. Especially when you can show exactly how your fuel-efficiency efforts translate to kilograms of carbon saved. Ethical, ecological, effortless.

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