Improve fleet safety and security

They say there’s safety in numbers. Movolytics’ telematics system tracks all the numbers that matter for fleet safety - including hours without a break, driving speed and battery power - to keep your drivers safe, your vehicles secure and your business wheels in motion. 24.7.365 days of the year.

  • SMS alerts allow you to police dangerous driving
  • Make sure drivers take their breaks
  • Automated prompts when it’s time to perform maintenance checks
  • Recover stolen vehicles with GPS tracking

Watching your drivers when you can’t

Drivers often feel pressured to hit tight arrival schedules. But nothing is more important than fleet safety, which means both the safety of your drivers and other road users. If one of your drivers is speeding or driving dangerously, Movolytics lets you know about it with real-time SMS and email alerts. Think of it as an extra pair of eyes that watches your drivers when you can’t. Our telematics system will even tell you if one of your drivers has travelled too long without a break, helping you to keep your staff safe and on the correct side of the law.

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Who are your safest drivers?

Movolytics tracks more than 150 driving manoeuvres and assigns each of your drivers a safety score based on their performance behind the wheel. Not only does that make it easy for you to see who your safest - and most fuel-efficient - drivers are. You can also inspire your drivers to become safer on the road by challenging them to improve their safety score and out-perform one another. The safer they drive, the better their scores. Tie each driver’s safety score to real-world rewards such as bonuses or an extra day’s holiday to improve driver behaviour and ignite rapid performance gains.

Take the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance

Vehicle maintenance checks are a key part of fleet safety. If you want your vehicles to run smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively, you need to look after them. But you are busy. And when you have a number of vehicles in your fleet, it can be hard to keep track of your responsibilities - such as checking brake pads, engine oil and tyre treads. Movolytics can manage the maintenance schedule for you, issuing reminders when key checks are due. Our technology can also detect potential problems such as faulty batteries before they have chance to cause a serious issue. For vehicles that go the distance.

Prevent out-of-hours usage

The more vehicles are used, the more they cost to maintain. And when your vehicles are already being driven heavily on a daily basis, unauthorised out-of-hours usage can add unnecessary time and expense to your fleet maintenance responsibilities. Movolytics logs details of every journey your vehicles make, meaning it’s easy to monitor fleet security whether your drivers are using business vehicles for personal trips.

Recover stolen vehicles

GPS tracking is great for locating your nearest drivers and sharing accurate ETAs with your customers. But if the unexpected happens and one of your vehicles is stolen, Movolytics’ tracking means you will be able to identify the location of the vehicle and log data on any journey it makes. Great for sharing with police, even better for staying in your insurer’s good books. Level-up your fleet security.

Automate fleet management and keep tabs on your fleet in real-time with vehicle tracking.
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