Slash your fuel spend - by up to 30%

Welcome to the most advanced fuel spend software on the market. Fuel management with Movolytics software means you can review fuel spend and monitor fuel consumption with ease. Better still, our telematics systems will help you to slash fuel costs by highlighting every instance of inefficient driving. Find out where it’s happening, when it’s happening and why it’s happening. Then take steps to improve driver behaviour.

  • Accurate data - straight from the engine - for each vehicle
  • Reduce fuel spend by up to 30%
  • Get a dashboard overview of fuel spend
  • Identify and reduce inefficient driving behaviours

Fuel management systems reduce fuel spend, increase profits

No matter what type of business you run, reducing your overheads is likely to boost your profits. And one of your largest, most erratic overheads is fuel spend. Movolytics pinpoints where you can eradicate fuel waste and suggests steps for improving driving efficiency by helping you monitor fuel consumption.

Our fuel management systems even shows you how much money you could save on each journey and makes it easier to forecast your fuel spend. That leads to better business budgeting and enhanced profit margins. Most of our customers find that Movolytics pays for itself in no time.

Powerful insight on how your fleet uses fuel

Movolytics gives you precise data on fuel consumption and fuel wastage. Then we show you what that means in pounds and pence. You can slice the data from the fuel management systems any way you want, pulling reports based on time, region, driver or fleet to monitor trends and keep your fuel spend in check.

We track the moves that matter

So how does fleet telematics work? Once Movolytics is installed in your vehicles, our patented algorithm monitors more than 150 driving manoeuvres. The technology constantly searches for ways to improve driver behaviour, optimise driving efficiency and reduce fuel spend - based on what’s really happening behind the wheel and below the bonnet.

Drive down your fuel spend

Rapid acceleration. Harsh braking. Hard cornering. Movolytics logs wasteful driver behaviours and builds a profile of inefficiency for each driver. You will see exactly where you can reduce your fuel spend - and get accurate estimates for how much money you could save.

Save money on idling

Idling is one of the most wasteful driver behaviours of them all - and can burn through profits at an alarming rate. Movolytics helps you identify when it’s happening as well as the underlying issues causing it, so you can take action to protect your bottom line.

Share data with drivers

Knowledge is power. Fuel management systems allow you to pull a timeline of data on a specific driver to help them understand exactly where they can improve their efficiency and cut fuel spend.

Accurate fuel data - straight from the engine

Accuracy is everything. Most telematics systems rely on general calculations and algorithms. Movolytics pulls data directly from your vehicles’ electronic control units (ECUs), giving you accurate data on the odometer, fuel metre and more. Make smart business decisions with numbers you can count on. Miles better.

Stay informed by monitoring driver behaviour - anytime, anywhere
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