Automated vehicle tracking, unparalleled insight

Vehicle tracking, or fleet tracking, is the beating heart of fleet management. Movolytics makes it easier than ever before - automatically tracking your vehicles and allowing you to transform efficiency, productivity and customer service in a matter of clicks.

  • Track vehicle locations and fuel-spend in real-time
  • Share accurate arrival times with your customers
  • React to last-minute pick-up requests by pinpointing your nearest available vehicles
  • Avoid traffic flare-ups to save time and money
  • Use street view navigation to make sure drivers hit the spot

See exactly where your vehicles are - in real-time

On the motorway, snaking along a B-road or parked in a lay-by - wherever your vehicles are, you will know with Movolytics’ GPS vehicle tracking. A live map shows precisely where each of your drivers are in real-time. You also get a super-accurate picture of the numbers that matter - like how far each driver has travelled, total working hours and even a breakdown of fuel costs. With this business vehicle tracking in place, you can automatically maintain driver logs and generate compliance reports with minimal effort. Goodbye guesswork, hello insight.

Receive alerts when your driver enters a certain zone

Maybe you want to know when your drivers are close to your depot. Or perhaps it would be useful to be informed when you have vehicles near a port. Whatever you need to know, Movolytics fleet tracking allows you to set up automated alerts that are triggered when your drivers enter specific zones. It’s called geofencing - and it’s an incredibly useful fleet management tool.

Keep your customers in the loop

Great customer service is about communication. Movolytics’ powerful GPS vehicle tracking allows you to share accurate arrival times with your customers. That’s extremely useful if one of your drivers hits a delay on the edge of town.

Never miss a last-minute request again

Last-minute pickup, delivery request or callout? No problem with fleet tracking. Use Movolytics’ smart filtering and live tracking tool to zero-in on the available drivers nearest the relevant address and quickly send the right vehicle to the job. Better add responsiveness to your list of USPs.

Dodge jams, save money

Know any drivers that enjoy sitting in traffic? Us neither. Besides, an idling engine wastes fuel and is bad for your bottom line. Our vehicle tracking also monitors live traffic information to help you dodge the jams. The smart GPS fleet tracking can even reroute drivers if it detects they are heading for a holdup. Save time, save fuel, save money.

Find the right stop, every time

Your driver’s SatNav says they have arrived at the docks. So what’s with all the fields? Banish GPS vehicle tracking blunders with ultra-accurate navigation. Movolytics comes with street view images, allowing dispatchers to pan through ground-level photos to help make sure drivers are in the right spot.

Build a picture of driver and journey history

Our business tracking for your fleet means you are tracking every driver on every journey. Movolytics stores driver data securely for you to view anytime. Check where one of your drivers was on a given date. See how many journeys were completed within a specific date range. Or verify that a pickup was made by a certain time. It’s easy. And with route replay you can playback any trip on an interactive map to determine precisely which route your driver took. GPS fleet tracking just got smarter.

Identify non-work usage and reduce fuel costs

Non-work journeys waste fuel. Wasted fuel means wasted money. Movolytics records and stores data on every journey your vehicles make, giving you an incontestable log of vehicle usage. Policing unauthorised vehicle use has never been easier.

Find out how Movolytics helps you slash fuel spend by as much as 30%
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