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" Knowing exactly how much each bad driving event costs our business, Movolytics fuel analytics is allowing us to spot trends and to put actions in place to decrease our fuel spend "

Clancy Plant Ltd

No more wasteful driving

Late braking, rapid acceleration and incorrect gearing. Just a small selection of the inefficient behaviours that add needlessly to your fuel costs and dent your bottom line. It needn’t be that way. Movolytics tracks driver performance against 150 criteria in real-time. The moment it senses inefficient behaviour, it prompts drivers on how to correct it. Over time, efficient driving habits become automatic. Miles better.

Image of fuel data report on Movolytics fleet management software

Get a dashboard view of your fuel savings

Movolytics stores hyper-accurate fuel data on every journey your vehicles make. Browse reports by day, week, month, journey or driver for advanced insight on the way your fleet consumes fuel. A dashboard view displays all the numbers that matter the moment you need them - revealing key data on fuel consumption, financial cost and the potential fuel savings that have been missed through inefficient driving. Identify trends, improve budget forecasting, cut costs.

Improve driver performance collaboratively

No driver is perfect. Movolytics is a carrot for encouraging improved performance among your drivers, not a stick to punish them with. It’s about collaboration not castigation. By building a record of each driver’s efficiency, you can provide tailored feedback and structured performance targets for every driver in your fleet. Reward improved performance, boost morale and show your staff the contribution they are making to fuel savings. Seeing is believing. And it will help to boost driver engagement and staff loyalty.


Reduce engine idling

Engine idling is one of the most wasteful driving habits of them all. Whether the engine has been left running while unloading or your driver has the engine on to benefit from climate control during a break, idling eats needlessly into your profits - minute-by-minute. Movolytics shows you when it’s happening, why it’s happening and who’s doing it. You can even create SMS or email alerts that notify you as soon as idling exceeds a certain threshold on any vehicle. Protect your profits.

Banish unauthorised vehicle use

Movolytics tracks every vehicle, every driver and every journey - right across your fleet. Day in, day out. That makes it easy to see if any of your drivers are adding to your fuel costs by using business vehicles for personal trips, private jobs or unscheduled journeys. Anywhere your vehicles go, Movolytics goes too. Count on it. It’s a strong incentive for your drivers to follow the rules: business vehicles for business purposes.

Image of idling report on Movolytics fleet management sofware

Fuel savings are just the start...

Movolytics is an overheads-slashing powerhouse. Not only can it bring you fuel savings, it can reduce the cost of your insurance premiums and vehicle maintenance too. Movolytics can even help with customer service, customer retention and new customer acquisition as well as back office duties like invoicing, timesheet validation and payroll. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of your specific business targets, let’s talk about how Movolytics could help. Or see what we can do for your sector.