Tackle your business challenges with telematics

Your business. It’s as unique as your fingerprint. But your fleet management challenges are most likely shared by others. It’s the same story the long-term targets you want to hit. Whether it’s cost reduction, client retention or revenue growth, telematics can help.

If you operate in one of the sectors below, modern telematics technology will be transformative. Yet as long as you have vehicles on the road, Movolytics can cut your costs, improve efficiency and provide real-time insight on your fleet. Discuss your specific challenges and targets with an advisor. Or take a product tour.


Construction is competitive. Maintaining profits requires controlling your overheads from the ground up, without compromising quality. Movolytics can help you make big savings, win new business and manage vehicles in accordance with Construction Management Plans.

Telematics goes beyond fuel savings. The right technology can improve customer service, boost customer retention and provide the proof of service that simplifies invoicing and resolves customer disputes. Improve your response to emergency callouts and get ready to flick the switch on advanced business insight.

Your appointments are a mix of scheduled visits and time-critical emergency callouts. The need to balance productivity with responsiveness requires a streamlined way to manage your fleet and schedule jobs. Telematics can help - all while slashing fuel costs and reducing insurance premiums.


From roofing to removals, the best service businesses are always ready to react. Through a mix of enhanced safety, data analysis and real-time journey insights, Movolytics helps you win new business, improve customer service and boost productivity - while reducing fleet overheads mile by mile.

Telematics can reduce your fuel spend by thousands of pounds. It also gives you one tool to manage your entire working world. Ensure every pickup and drop-off is made within the right timeframe. Transform driver morale. And improve efficiency across your business - from vehicle maintenance to invoicing.