Could telematics help your construction business?

Working in construction? Telematics could have a tangible impact on your bottom line - slashing fuel costs, reducing insurance premiums and improving driver safety. On this page you can find out how.

  • Slash your fuel costs by up to 30%
  • Manage your fleet from any desktop or mobile device
  • Gather data on every vehicle, every driver and every journey
  • Live maps reveal vehicle location - anytime, anywhere

Telematics and the construction industry

Movolytics lays the foundations for big savings - giving you an advantage on your competitors.

Construction is competitive. Staying profitable requires controlling your overheads from the ground up, without compromising quality. That includes the costs associated with your fleet - such as fuel, vehicle maintenance and insurance. Movolytics can help you make big savings, win new business and move smartly towards your strategic goals as a construction specialist. While you do what you do best, Movolytics will make your competitive edge even sharper.

Pain points in the construction industry

When it comes to fleet management, construction businesses face big challenges.

Wasted fuel, unpredictable costs

Fuel isn’t your largest overhead. But it is one of the most unpredictable. It’s frustrating when you can’t accurately forecast fuel spend or see how much each journey is costing your business in pounds and pence. By driving more efficiently, it’s likely that your drivers could slash your fuel expenditure. But you have no way of knowing for sure.

Abiding Construction Management Plans (CMPs)

You know the score. With any significant development, there will be measures in the Construction Management Plan to control the flow of construction vehicles in and out of the development site. Developers look kindly on suppliers that follow it. But without the ability to see where your vehicles are in real-time, it’s hard to manage the movements of your fleet. That risks a build-up of construction vehicles on-site and a possible contravention of the Construction Management Plan.

Disputes over pay and invoicing

It’s common for construction businesses to pay drivers according to the hours logged on their timesheets. But without a way of tracking your drivers, it’s their word against yours. Sometimes clients also dispute the number of hours that your business has spent on-site, leading to invoicing problems. Without a verifiable record of journey history, it’s difficult to stand your ground in client disputes.

Multiple vehicles, multiple sites

When your construction skills are being employed at multiple sites across different regions, fuel efficiency becomes more important. Are your drivers using the most fuel-efficient routes for each journey? Can they react to live traffic conditions to avoid idling in congestion? It could trim your costs significantly.

Image of graphic of fuel wastage on Movolytics

Unauthorised use of company vehicles

Trust is important in any business. But the truth is that sometimes staff use business vehicles for personal trips - or even for side jobs that are being billed independently of your construction business. It could be happening within your company right now - adding to your fuel spend as well as the cost of maintaining your vehicles. Without the right technology, you have no way of knowing.

Vehicle maintenance and road safety

You have a legal obligation to make sure your vehicles are roadworthy. But when you have a large fleet, keeping on top of the various vehicle maintenance checks can feel like a guessing game. Similarly if one of your drivers causes an accident through dangerous driving, the legal consequences could put your business under huge pressure. Bottom line: road safety is business-critical.

Lofty insurance premiums

Insurance premiums in the construction sector can be eye-wateringly expensive. In a sector as competitive as construction, it’s a cost you could do without. Anything you can do to reduce your overheads can give your business a crucial advantage.

How can telematics help your construction business?

Movolytics can help your construction business save money, simplify dispatching and invoice accurately.

Identify wasteful driving, reduce your fuel spend by up to 30%

Movolytics gives you real-time information on precisely how much fuel your drivers use. For each journey you get a breakdown of fuel spend as well as data on how much money your drivers could have saved by driving more efficiently. By building a log of each driver’s efficiency and flagging wasteful habits, you can identify the gas guzzlers in your group and show drivers exactly where they need to improve. Many of our customers have cut fuel costs by as much as 30%. That brings a £2,000 monthly fuel spend down to £1,400 - a saving of £7,200 per year.

Follow CMPs, win more business

With a live map of each vehicle’s location, Movolytics shows you where your drivers are at all times. That makes it easy to manage the flow of traffic in and out of sites that have strict terms on the movement of construction vehicles. Implement access restrictions on certain zones, ensure your vehicles cause the least possible disturbance and keep developers happy by providing accurate arrival times for each vehicle. You can even use geofencing to trigger SMS alerts when your drivers enter certain areas. Your respect for CMP traffic terms might just win you new business in the future.

Cross-check timesheets, stop unauthorised vehicle use

Movolytics records data on every journey your vehicles make - destination, arrival time, departure time and more. Within a matter of clicks you can pull reports on any driver or any vehicle across any date range. That makes it easy to provide proof of service to customers and cross-check drivers’ timesheets. In fact you could do away with timesheets altogether. Movolytics’ vehicle tracking also makes it easy to monitor unauthorised use of company vehicles - either for personal trips or private business. Anywhere your vehicles go, Movolytics goes too.

Image of speeding report on Movolytics fleet management software

Reminders when it’s time for maintenance checks

Movolytics knows when it’s time to perform key vehicle maintenance checks - such as tyre treads and brake lights - and will automatically send you reminders to keep up with your maintenance and service schedules.

Reduce your insurance premiums

Movolytics increases road safety, reduces the risk of accidents and can even help to recover stolen vehicles through GPS tracking. All of which can help to reduce insurance premiums right across your fleet.

Instant alerts on dangerous driving

If one of your drivers is speeding or has driven too long without a break, Movolytics will let you know about it instantly by SMS or email. When drivers know they are being watched, they are less likely to break the rules. That helps to keep your staff safe and your business legally compliant. And if one of your drivers is involved in an accident, you will be able to produce a report that proves your vehicle was being driven responsibly. That could be a crucial piece of legal evidence that saves your business a fortune.

Image of notification on Movolytics mobile app