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Fleet telematics and your plumbing and heating business

For plumbing and heating businesses, telematics can do more than cut your fuel costs. Improve your customer service. Accelerate your response times. Reduce your insurance premiums. Modern telematics systems deliver a range of benefits you may not have considered.

  • Slash your fuel costs by up to 30%
  • Manage your fleet from any desktop or mobile device
  • Pinpoint your drivers - anytime, anywhere - with live maps
  • Improve routing and job scheduling

Telematics and the plumbing and heating industry

Improve productivity and move smartly towards your business goals.

Plumbing and heating businesses like yours depend on a careful balance of productivity and responsiveness. That demands a streamlined way to manage your fleet, route drivers and schedule jobs. Telematics can help - all while slashing fuel costs, improving road safety and taking the hassle out of vehicle maintenance. Whether you have a fleet of five vehicles or 55, telematics can help you drive smartly towards your business goals.

Pain points in the plumbing and heating industry

When it comes to fleet management, plumbing and heating businesses face demanding challenges.

Wasted fuel and unpredictable fuel costs

Fuel costs are inherently unpredictable. But as one of your largest recurring overheads, the lack of an accurate forecast on fuel spend can cause problems. Inefficient driving behaviours - such as speeding, harsh acceleration or late braking - could be denting your revenue by hundreds of pounds per week. But without technology, you have no way of knowing.

The ongoing need for productivity...

You depend on scheduled appointments to stay profitable. It’s crucial that your engineers move as efficiently as possible from one appointment to the next. But without a way of tracking your vehicles, staying on top of dispatching isn’t easy. And the more vehicles you have, the bigger the problem. Efficiency becomes even more important if your business serves a large geographic area.

Responding to emergency callouts

Emergency callouts come with the territory. And when someone’s home is flooding or their office is freezing, it’s important that you provide a rapid response. Without tracking technology you have no easy way to check the location and availability of your engineers. The only option is to pick up the telephone and hope one of your engineers answers.

Unauthorised use of company vehicles

When engineers use business vehicles for personal trips - or side jobs that you don’t know about - it adds to your fuel spend as well as the cost of vehicle maintenance. Could it be happening in your business?

Image of Movolytics fleet management mobile app

Disputes over staff pay

Do you pay your engineers according to the hours logged on their timesheets? So do lots of plumbing and heating businesses. But without an accurate way of tracking your drivers, it’s their word against yours. That can lead to lost revenue and motivation-sapping pay disputes.

Invoice disputes with customers

Disputed invoices: more than enough to get you hot under the collar, no matter how many heating products you installed. Unfortunately without a verifiable record of journey history, customer disputes can be lengthy and difficult to resolve.

Staying safe on the roads

Nobody likes to think of the unexpected. But the fact is that accidents happen. And road safety goes beyond looking after the welfare of your engineers. Dangerous driving can harm your brand identity and if one of your drivers causes an accident, the legal consequences could put your business under significant pressure.

Keeping your vehicles at their best

You have a legal obligation to make sure your vehicles are roadworthy. But what about keeping your vehicles ticking over at their best? Staying on top of vehicle maintenance checks - such as tyre pressure or brake fluid level - can feel like a hassle when your to-do list is already beyond bulging.

The burden of insurance premiums

The money you pay out in insurance premiums has a significant impact on your bottom line. But insurance premiums are never static. There are practical measures that you can take to reduce the cost of your cover and protect your business revenue.

Could telematics help your plumbing and heating business?

Telematics can deliver far-reaching business benefits. And that’s not just a load of hot air.

Improve driver performance, reduce your fuel spend by up to 30%

Many of our customers have cut their fuel spend by as much as 30%. That brings a £2,000 monthly cost down to £1,400. Movolytics gives you a dashboard view of how much each journey costs as well as the financial impact wasteful driving has on your business. Browse reports on each driver’s efficiency and monitor bad habits - such as harsh acceleration or braking - to improve driver performance and drive down your fuel spend.

Respond better to emergency callouts

Emergency callouts are a big part of your profession. Telematics can transform the service you provide to anxious customers - ensuring you are there when it matters most. Movolytics’ live map shows you exactly where your drivers are - anytime, anywhere - as well as where they are going next. That makes it easy to identify your nearest available engineer and dispatch them to the emergency callout. Send your driver the most fuel-efficient route based on live traffic information, share an accurate arrival time with your customer and get an SMS alert when your engineer arrives on-site. No annoying telephone tennis with your drivers. All the data you need is there in a matter of clicks.

Image of fuel analytics graph on Movolytics

Find the best route for every journey

No matter how many drivers you have, how far you drive or how many appointments you have scheduled - Movolytics helps to make sure every journey your engineers make is as efficient as possible. Punch in the address and Movolytics will return the most fuel-efficient route based on live traffic information. Send the route to your driver and you will get an automated response once they have accepted the job and are on their way.

Cross-check timesheets, simplify invoicing

Movolytics captures every journey, every driver and every vehicle. You get unprecedented insight into where your vehicles have been, what time they arrived and how long they spent there. Provide proof of service to customers, simplify invoicing and identify falsified timesheets that don’t hold water.

Jam the handbrake on unauthorised vehicle use

With Movolytics’ vehicle tracking it takes seconds to check if your vehicles are being used out of hours or driven to destinations they shouldn’t. Anywhere your vehicles go, Movolytics goes too.

Identify your idlers, save money

Leaving the engine running. It’s the automotive equivalent of pouring money down the drain. Movolytics logs every instance of idling to show you when it’s happening, why it’s happening and who’s doing it. It’s accurate too. Unlike other telematics platforms, Movolytics knows the difference between true idling, traffic congestion and a driver that’s simply got the ignition at Point 1 to listen to the radio.

Instant alerts on dangerous driving

If one of your engineers is speeding or driving erratically, Movolytics will send you an SMS or email alert. That gives drivers a strong incentive to follow the proper rules and stay safe. And in the unlikely event of an accident, Movolytics enables you to produce a report proving that your vehicle was being driven responsibly. That could be crucial in the event of legal action.

Receive reminders for maintenance checks

The bigger your fleet, the harder it is to stay on top of vehicle maintenance. So let Movolytics do it for you. You will receive a reminder when key vehicle maintenance checks are due, leaving you to concentrate on the rest of your to-do list.

Cut your insurance premiums

Movolytics encourages safer driving, monitors driver behaviour, alerts you to faults and can help to recover stolen vehicles. All of which is likely to impress any insurer. You could cut premiums right across your fleet.