Could telematics help your business?

The best service businesses are always ready to react. Telematics makes that far easier. Streamline fleet management, simplify dispatching and reduce your fuel costs as you go. All while gathering data on every vehicle, every driver and every journey they make. Get ready for deep insight on your business world.

  • Slash your fuel costs by up to 30%
  • Manage your fleet from any desktop or mobile device
  • See a real-time map of vehicle location - across your fleet
  • Resolve invoice disputes, provide proof of service, win new business

Telematics and the service industry

Movolytics gets you geared up for business insight and big savings.

From pest control to plumbing; roofing to removals, telematics can improve any business with vehicles on the road day in, day out. The best telematics systems go way beyond the promise of fuel savings and actively help you to manage your business and hit strategic goals. Through a combination of enhanced safety, data analysis and real-time journey information, Movolytics can help you win new business, improve customer service and boost staff morale. Think what that could do for your bottom line.

Pain points in the service industry

Fleet managers in the service sector face big challenges.

Wasted fuel, unpredictable costs

Fuel is one of your largest overheads - and certainly one of the most unpredictable. It makes budgeting and forecasting your fuel spend a guessing game. To compound the problem you have no idea what really happens when your drivers get behind the wheel. Your staff could be squandering hundreds, even thousands, of pounds per month through inefficient driving habits like idling, speeding and rapid acceleration. Driving more efficiently could slash your fuel spend. But you have no way to track driver performance.

Multiple vehicles, multiple sites

Your staff visit multiple sites on a daily basis. But without several rounds of telephone tennis, you never truly know where they are. Likewise you have no idea if your staff are working to the right timeframes or following the most fuel-efficient routes from one site to the next.

Invoice problems and disputes over service

You take pride in your service. It’s frustrating when customers dispute the number of hours you were on-site, or argue that you never turned up at all. Without a verifiable record of your journey history, disputes over service can be long and difficult to resolve - stifling your cashflow as well as your energy.

Unauthorised use of company vehicles

Right now your staff could be using business vehicles for personal trips - or even for side jobs that are being billed independently. It’s more common than you think. This unauthorised vehicle use adds to your fuel spend as well as the cost of maintaining your vehicles, chipping away at your profits.

Image of Movolytics fleet management mobile app

Staying safe on the roads

If one of your drivers causes an accident through dangerous driving, the legal consequences could put the future of your entire business in jeopardy. In a nutshell: road safety is business-critical.

Timesheet discrepancies and pay disputes

Do you pay your drivers based on their timesheets? Without a credible way of tracking your drivers, it’s their word against yours. That can lead to overpayments, lost revenue and unpleasant pay disputes.

Staying on top of vehicle maintenance

You have a legal obligation to make sure your vehicles are roadworthy. But staying on top of vehicle maintenance checks and keeping your vehicles at their best isn’t easy - especially if you have a large fleet.

Pricey insurance premiums

Vehicle insurance is a necessary cost, but not a particularly welcome one. Anything you can to do drive down premiums across your fleet could be better for your profits than you thought.

Tackling challenges in the service sector with telematics

Movolytics can help your business cut fuel costs, simplify dispatching and boost customer service.

Identify wasteful driving, reduce your fuel spend by up to 30%

Movolytics gives you real-time information on exactly how much fuel your drivers use. For each journey you get a dashboard view of fuel spend as well as figures for the money you could have saved with increased driving efficiency. Through performance tracking, driver reports and live prompts to correct wasteful habits, Movolytics can help you cut fuel costs by as much as 30%. That brings a £2,000 monthly spend down to £1,400 - a saving of £7,200 per year.

See where yours drivers are 24/7

Movolytics comes with a live map that shows you exactly where your drivers are. You can also view data on where they have been, where they’re going and when they are due to get there. Emergency callout? Quickly find the nearest available driver, identify a fuel-efficient route and send them on their way. You can even set Movolytics to send you an SMS alert when your engineer arrives on-site.

Provide proof of service, banish invoice disputes

Everywhere your vehicles go, Movolytics goes too. A record of every journey your vehicles make is stored in the system and can be searched by date, driver or destination. The data gathered includes arrival and departure times as well as journey information like mileage and fuel consumption. That makes it quick and easy to provide proof of service to customers and resolve invoice queries.

Motivate your staff

Long hours behind the wheel can be tiring, stressful and - let’s face it - not very enjoyable. Movolytics gives each driver a safety score based on their engine data, bringing an element of gamification to the driving experience. Challenge your team to compete with one another for the highest safety score, reward improvements and give morale a boost while you’re at it.

Cross-check timesheets

Movolytics records data on every journey your vehicles make - destination, arrival time, departure time and more. Within seconds you can pull reports on any driver or any vehicle across any date range. Validating timesheets has never been easier. In fact you could do away with timesheets altogether. No more overpayments, no more disputed paychecks.

Instant alerts on dangerous driving

If one of your staff is driving dangerous or erratically, Movolytics can let you know instantly by SMS or email. That makes your drivers more accountable and provides a strong incentive to drive safely. In the unlikely event that one of your drivers is involved in an accident, you will be able to produce a report that proves your vehicle was being driven responsibly in the moments before. That could be crucial in the event of legal action.

Win new business

Movolytics allows you to share ETAs times with customers, logs arrival/departure times and enables you to track your ecodriving carbon savings. The ability to show prospects that you are a safe, reliable and environmentally-conscious outfit could help you win new contracts and customers in the future.

Identify idlers, save money

Engine idling is incredibly wasteful and unnecessarily adds to your fuel costs. Movolytics shows you when it’s happening, why it’s happening and who’s doing it. You can also create alerts that notify you when a driver’s idle time exceeds a certain threshold. Movolytics is accurate too. Unlike other telematics platforms, we know the difference between true idling, traffic congestion and a driver that’s simply listening to the radio with ignition at Point 1.

Image of plumbing fuel data on Movolytics fleet management software

Stop unauthorised vehicle use

Movolytics’ vehicle tracking makes it easy to check whether your vehicles are being used for personal trips or private business. When your drivers know you are monitoring unauthorised vehicle use, they are less likely to break the rules. You might be surprised at what that does to your fuel costs.

Reminders to complete maintenance checks

Get reminders when it’s time to perform key vehicle maintenance checks, keep up with your service schedules and boost the long-term efficiency of your fleet. Movolytics tracks all the dates that matter and alerts you when it’s time to take action.

Reduce your insurance premiums

Movolytics encourages safe driving, logs journey data, reduces the risk of accidents and can even help to recover stolen vehicles through GPS tracking. That’s going to be well received by your insurers and could help drive down the cost of vehicle cover - right across your fleet.