Fleet telematics for transport and logistics

Stop thinking of telematics as fuel saving technology. Start thinking of it as a tool for business intelligence. Yes, Movolytics could cut your fuel spend by up to 30%. But it will also gather real-time data on each of your journeys. It will make your drivers accountable. And it will help you win new business. Get ready for a transformative view of your working world.

  • Slash your fuel costs by up to 30% and drive ROI
  • Stay in control with a real-time map showing the location of every vehicle
  • Build a record of every journey your drivers have made
  • Reduce engine idling, unauthorised vehicle use and wasteful driving

No transport and logistics, no economy...

Improve your productivity, protect your revenue and hit your business goals.

When your wheels are turning, so are the economy’s. Transport and logistics is that important. But working in your sector presents challenges. You face constant pressure to cut costs, comply with regulation and increase revenue. Competition is everywhere. Your fuel spend feels uncontrollable. It’s not easy. Movolytics helps you tackle the challenges, giving you a streamlined way to manage your fleet, monitor drivers and protect revenue. Ensure every pickup is made and every passenger receives the service they expect. Evaluate your efficiency and improve performance across your business. It works.

The transport and logistics challenge

When it comes to fleet management, transport and logistics businesses face demanding challenges.

Wasted fuel and unpredictable fuel costs

Your fuel spend is erratic and unpredictable. It makes budgeting for one of your biggest overheads an exercise in estimation. And the lack of visibility into driver performance means your staff could be squandering thousands of pounds per month through inefficient driving habits. But there’s good news too. In a business like yours - where numerous vehicles clock many hundreds of miles per week - even modest fuel savings of 5-6% can transform your bottom line.

Where are your drivers?

Arrivals, pickups, drop-offs, departures. They are the lifeblood of your business. At any one time you could have vehicles scattered across the UK and beyond. But without a way of tracking your vehicles, staying on top of dispatching isn’t easy. You never know exactly where your drivers are. And you have no way of knowing whether crucial journeys are proceeding smoothly and within the right timeframes.

Disputes over service

You do your best to provide the best service possible. But sometimes delays are inevitable. But what if that compromises the terms of service you have promised your customers? Or what if a customer argues that you never arrived at all? Without a verifiable record of your journey history, disputes over service can be long and difficult to resolve - potentially stifling cashflow.

Unauthorised use of company vehicles

Are your drivers sticking to the agreed routes? Are they using company vehicles for personal errands? Unauthorised vehicle use adds to your fuel spend as well as the cost of vehicle maintenance. And it could be eating into your profits.

Image of speeding report on Movolytics fleet management software

Disputes over staff pay

Do you pay your drivers based on the hours logged on their timesheets? Or perhaps their mileage? Without an accurate way of tracking your drivers’ arrivals, departures and breaks, it’s their word against yours. That can lead to overpayments, lost revenue and morale-sapping pay disputes.

Revenue-busting engine idling

Engine idling is one of the most wasteful driving habits of them all. Every time drivers leave the engine running while loading/unloading, waiting in a yard or even using climate control in the cab during a break, revenue is squandered.

Staying safe on the roads

As a transport and logistics business you are bound by strict legislation and regulations on road safety. Especially if you carry passengers. Yet the constant demand to improve efficiency can lead to drivers cutting corners - driving too fast, skipping breaks and other risks. That cannot happen. Being involved in an accident could not only harm the reputation of your brand, the legal consequences could put the future of your entire business in jeopardy.

Staying ahead of vehicle maintenance

Keeping your vehicles roadworthy is a legal obligation. But going beyond the minimum requirements can dramatically reduce maintenance costs and improve long-term vehicle efficiency. Yet you already struggle to keep track of due dates for key vehicle maintenance. Adding to service schedules feels unrealistic when your to-do list is bulging.

The burden of insurance premiums

The money you pay out in insurance premiums leaves a big dent in your bottom line. But insurance premiums are not static. Improving driver safety, vehicle safety and efficiency can cut the cost of cover right across your fleet. You just need a way to prove that your drivers are safe and your vehicles are reliable.

Tackling transport and logistics challenges with telematics

Telematics has the potential to slash your costs, improve efficiency and revolutionise the way you see your business.

Improve driver performance, reduce your fuel spend by up to 30%

Movolytics tracks every vehicle, every driver and every journey. Your drivers get live prompts to correct wasteful driving behaviours; you get real-time data on fuel efficiency and consumption. See precisely how much each journey costs as well as how much you could have saved with more efficient driving. Identify your best and worst drivers and implement training and rewards programmes. It’s no wonder many of our customers have cut their fuel spend by as much as 30%.

See where your drivers are 24/7

Movolytics comes with a live map that shows you exactly where your drivers are. It also shows you where they have been, where they are going and what time they will arrive. Within a few clicks you can check that each journey is proceeding safely, smoothly and to the right schedule. Traffic ahead? Movolytics will re-route your drivers. Last-minute job? Quickly find the nearest available driver, identify a fuel-efficient route and send them on their way.

Every journey is recorded

Anywhere your vehicles go, Movolytics goes too. A record of every journey your vehicles have made is stored in the system. You can access arrival times, departure times and destinations visited as well as journey data like speed, mileage and fuel consumption. Provide proof of service to customers and defend your business against fraudulent claims of missed pickups, late arrivals or even motoring accidents.

Image of journey report on Movolytics fleet management software

Win new business

In today’s brand-sensitive world, showing that you are a safe pair of hands can give you a competitive advantage. Movolytics encourages safe driving, builds a reliable record of arrival/departure times and enables you to track your ecodriving carbon savings. Being able to show prospects that you are a safe, reliable and environmentally-conscious outfit could help you win new contracts over less organised businesses.

Identify idlers, save money

Movolytics logs every instance of idling . Within seconds you can see when it’s happening, why it’s happening and who’s doing it. You can also create alerts that notify you when a driver’s idle time has gone over a certain threshold. And unlike other telematics platforms, Movolytics knows the difference between true idling, traffic congestion and a driver that’s simply listening to the radio with ignition at Point 1.

Stop unauthorised vehicle use

With Movolytics’ vehicle tracking it’s easy to see whether your vehicles are being used out of hours or driven to destinations they shouldn’t. When drivers know you can monitor unauthorised vehicle use, they are way less likely to break the rules - all of which helps to cut your fuel costs.

Cross-check timesheets

Movolytics builds a log of where your drivers have been, what time they arrived, how long they spent there and when they took their breaks. Validating timesheets has never been easier. No more overpayments, no more disputed paychecks.

Ensure drivers are safe and compliant

If one of your engineers is speeding, driving erratically or has gone too long without a break, Movolytics lets you know about it. You can even setup SMS and email alerts. That makes your drivers more accountable and provides a strong incentive to follow the proper rules for road safety and compliance. In the event of an accident, you will be able to produce a report proving that your vehicle was being driven responsibly in the moments before. Crucial in the event of legal action.

Get maintenance reminders, keep your vehicles at their best

The bigger your fleet, the harder it is to stay on top of vehicle maintenance. Movolytics issues reminders when key vehicle maintenance checks are due to keep your vehicles safe, fuel-efficient and legally compliant.

Cut your insurance premiums

Movolytics encourages safer driving, records driver behaviour, logs journey details and alerts you to vehicle faults. It can even help to recover stolen vehicles. All of which is likely to have a positive impact on your insurance premiums, driving down the cost of cover right across your fleet.