Case Study

  • Company: Allen Control Systems (ACS Ltd)
  • Vehicles: 7

Movolytics eliminates confusion with timesheets, it allows us to confirm on-site times with customers and it puts money back into our bottom line by encouraging safer driving and reducing fuel costs. It benefits the whole business.”

Dave Allen

Owner, Allen Control Systems
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The company

Any business owner knows that it’s important to create a working environment where employees feel comfortable. Allen Control Systems is a premium designer and installer of temperature controls and building management systems.

ACS provides commercial clients with HVAC controls incorporating all aspects of building services and temperature control systems. Their reputation is built on making it easy for their customers to manage building temperature and reduce utility costs. Based in Cardiff, ACS works with customers across South Wales and has seven vehicles regularly on the road.

We asked ACS owner Dave Allen some questions about how his business has changed since implementing Movolytics’ fleet management technology.

What was your reason for implementing Movolytics?

Movolytics is our first experience with fleet management technology. The main reason for implementing it was due to major challenges with weekly timesheets. Our drivers’ pay rate varies based on travel time, site time and breaks. Not only did our accounts team have to keep chasing driver timesheets, there were frequent discrepancies - and we had no way to check what was factually correct. Now we have Movolytics we no longer need to chase timesheets. We know where our drivers are 24/7 - and can see whether they are on-site, on a break or en route.

Has Movolytics benefited your business in any other way?

Within days of installing Movolytics, we realised we could do more with the platform than we imagined. The live map of our drivers’ location has become an invaluable tool and allows us to confirm with our customers when drivers will arrive, when they are on-site and how long they have spent on-site across days/weeks/months. It also enables us to better respond to emergency callouts, dispatching the nearest available engineer and sharing an arrival time whenever a customer requests an unscheduled visit. Providing flawless customer service is a key aim of our business, so Movolytics has helped massively.

Do you use the driver monitoring tools?

We do indeed. Before Movolytics we had no idea how our engineers were driving. Now we can promote a culture of road safety. In return this has reduced our fuel costs and we expect to save money on vehicle maintenance too.

Did you have any reservations about implementing telematics technology?

We knew we needed a system like Movolytics because of the ongoing problems with timesheets. So while we didn’t have any reservations as such, our drivers were apprehensive about their vehicles being tracked. They expected a big brother kind of thing. Once we explained the benefits - no need to submit timesheets, improved customer service, reduced fuel costs - they could see that it was a tool that would benefit the whole business, rather than something that was being brought in specifically to monitor their performance.

Since we have come on board with Movolytics, their customer service has been top class. They respond quickly, they treat everything very seriously and they are always so friendly. I would give them a glowing report on customer service.

Dave Allen

Owner, Allen Control Systems

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