Case Study

We would not manage our business without Movolytics. We have more control, we know where our vehicles are and it keeps our minds at ease knowing our drivers are safe. It affects so many parts of the business.

Gill Johnson

Owner, Advanced Electrical Services
fleet management companies

The company

The clue is in the name. When it comes to electrical stuff, there’s not much Advanced Electrical Services can’t help with. With a crack team of electrical engineers, AES travel the UK assisting with power, lighting, security and more. Everything from small re-wires to major design and build projects.

In a nutshell: they are electrical specialists.

We asked AES owner Gill Johnson some questions about the company’s experience with Movolytics.

How did you manage your fleet before implementing vehicle tracking?

We didn’t. We had very little visibility on where our vehicles were and how they were driven. Our system was about as sophisticated as calling our employees to ask where they were and trusting what they said. Engineers filled in timesheets, stating their mileage and how long they were on customer sites. But we had nothing to back it up with.

What were the major pain points/challenges prior to using Movolytics?

Employees were forgetting to keep track of their mileage. Additionally some engineers take vehicles home in the evening and we had concerns they were being driven after work hours. This was a big risk regarding HRMC, who can levy heavy fines on businesses who file incorrect tax returns. With Movolytics we can easily distinguish between business use and personal use of our fleet.

“We used two other vehicle tracking systems prior to Movolytics. Even though the other providers seemed cheap, we got caught with additional fees. The reason we like Movolytics is because there are no hidden costs.”

Have you noticed any cost savings from using Movolytics?

We’ve saved a lot a money on salary. Before having vehicle tracking, employees filled out the wrong hours. This was simply due to error. Now we have no disputes on actual hours worked.

Has Movolytics benefitted your customers?

Yes, we can now tell our customers when our drivers will be on site and exactly how long they were on site.

Has Movolytics helped in any other way?

We had an incident a while back with a brand new vehicle. It was worth £20,000+ and was carrying a few thousand pounds worth of materials. It got stolen and the driver rang me in a panic. Thanks to Movolytics’ GPS tracking I could call the police and direct them down the exact roads the thief had driven. Our van had been parked in a yard with six foot walls - and would never have been seen by the police had we not known the exact location. I used the satellite picture and explained to the police where the van was. They jumped the wall and recovered the vehicle undamaged. Case closed. I was able to call the police, report the vehicle stolen and have it recovered all within seven minutes. Insurance would never have paid the full amount for the 3-week old van. It saved us a lot of money.