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Since installing Movolytics we have sliced mileage across the fleet by 100 miles per day. This is saving our business £2,000 a year on fuel per vehicle.

Penny Bungay

Director, DRW Reading
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To make money, vehicle hire companies depend on having wheels out on the road. That can’t happen when cars have broken down or are in need of repair. Step forward DRW Reading - vehicle maintenance experts who work with some of the biggest names in vehicle hire to repair cars rapidly.

Since implementing Movolytics, DRW’s drivers have responded well. Operations are more streamlined, engineers are getting to sites faster and they are wasting less fuel. We asked Penny Bungay, Director of DRW Reading, how implementing Movolytics has changed the business for the better...

Challenges before implementing Movolytics

Time is money for car hire companies. That’s why we provide the reassurance of a 24-hour turnaround. But that puts a lot of pressure on us to respond rapidly. Not least because we have grown significantly over the last decade. (We started with two men in one transit van, working with three rental branches. Today we have 11 vehicles servicing 175 rental branches - and that’s just one customer!) Failure to meet our 24-hour promise has a big impact on us as a business. We need to maintain high standards of speedy service, without compromising safety.

Responding better to reactive jobs

“With Movolytics it takes seconds to locate the nearest available engineer when a new job comes in.”
- Penny Bungay, Director of DRW Reading

Only 10% of our workload is scheduled. The rest is responsive. Our customers call us, we dispatch an engineer to the vehicle that needs repairing - whether that’s on the customer’s premises or out on the road. With Movolytics it takes seconds to locate the nearest available engineer when a new job comes in.

We can then send SMS messages through the system to the engineer’s phone, with an exact postcode for their next job. This opens in Google Maps and directs them to the vehicle in need. Movolytics then allows us to confirm that the driver is en-route and gives us an ETA that we can relay to the customer, eliminating the frustrating telephone tennis between customer and engineer.

Better routing, lower fuel spend

Since installing Movolytics we have sliced mileage across the fleet by 100 miles per day. This is saving our business £2,000 a year on fuel per vehicle. Better routing is the main driver of these savings. By setting our customers and suppliers as POI (points of interest), we can work out which engineer is nearest to the customer and determine the shortest routes for each job. Thanks to live traffic updates, we can also make sure our drivers avoid heavy traffic.

Improved job scheduling, no more unauthorised vehicle use

At the end of the working day, our engineers take our DRW branded vans home with them. For the dispatch team, sharing the next day’s schedule with drivers used to be a pain. Now they can manage each driver’s schedule easily within Movolytics. Engineers know exactly where they need to be and when.

We also use Movolytics’ vehicle tracking to send us an alert if a vehicle is being driven outside normal working hours. This enables us to police unauthorised vehicle use and make further reductions on fuel spend.

“We love the fuel analytics side of Movolytics. We know exactly where our vehicles are wasting fuel. Some drivers are worse at speeding, some are worse at idling. Either way we can take steps to correct it.” - Penny Bungay, Director of DRW Reading

Increased driver safety and efficiency

Before Movolytics, we were in the dark on driver safety - and used to constantly remind our drivers about the importance of driving safely. These days we don’t need to say a word. Movolytics gives us a weekly scorecard ranking drivers from best to worst based on their actual driving habits. Pinning this to the office wall shows each driver where they stand and has ignited competition among drivers to be the best - and safest.

No more pay disputes

Because Movolytics logs details of every journey - day in, day out - we no longer have to question our drivers on the hours they have worked. We know exactly when their vehicles start each day, how many jobs each driver completes and exactly what time they finish.

“I heard last week that every director is a control freak and likes to know exactly what’s going on with their business. With Movolytics we don’t need to be checking up 24/7 with our engineers. We know they’re doing a good job simply by looking at the data.”
- Penny Bungay, Director of DRW Reading

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