Case Study

  • Company: Triangle Lift Services
  • Vehicles: 25

Since implementing Movolytics we have reduced our fuel spend by 20%. It made us realise exactly how much fuel was wasted on idling, speeding and bad driving habits.

Dave Gibson

Facilities Manager, Triangle Lift Services
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The company

Established in 1992, Triangle Lift Services have grown to become one of the leading independent lift companies in the south. From services and repairs to design and modernisation, they do it all - armed with advanced technical knowledge and some of the most sophisticated kit around. With 25 vehicles, they service businesses across the south of England.

The challenge

Triangle’s existing fleet management wasn’t working. With regular downtime and service outages, it left the business with the same pain points as they had before they implemented the system: struggling to keep tabs on a team of 25-30 engineers, busily moving from place to place. Timesheets were an issue too. With no possible way to verify hours clocked and miles driven, management simply had to take their engineers’ word for it.

Key success

  • Track vehicle locations and fuel-spend in real-time
  • Triangle’s management team can now see exactly where each engineer is in real-time. Accurate data on vehicle use means timesheets can be verified and Triangle can demonstrate proof of service to their customers.
  • Within the first year of implementing Movolytics, Triangle reduced their fuel spend by 10%. That figure has now grown to 20%.
  • Triangle’s management team have been able to use in-depth driver performance reports to educate engineers on efficient driving and dramatically reduce risky behaviours such as speeding.
  • Movolytics has also made it easy for Triangle to respond faster to urgent callouts - such as lift breakdowns. Knowing exactly where vehicles are allows the management team to despatch the nearest available engineer to the callout for rapid response.