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Efficiency is imperative for running a successful company and its fleet of vehicles; if you’re starting to hit upon any of the following issues, it may be time to consider upgrading your fleet management tools.

You’re missing appointments or arriving late

With more vehicles on the road than ever before, it’s bound to be tricky to avoid traffic at times and this causes you to be late to appointments – affecting your reputation and your relationship with the client. Movolytics’ software allows you to use street view navigation to find addresses easily, it also allows you visualise current traffic situation.

Your fleet’s fuel consumption is costing you more than it should

As well as tracking the locations of your fleet, you can also see what is being spent on fuel as it happens. In addition, Movolytics allows you to see the most fuel-efficient routes to jobs/customers enabling you to save money from the first day of use. So, whilst we can’t bring the ever-rising cost of fuel down, we can help you to budget for it more effectively and get the most out of your money.

Staff vanish at points during the day

If lunch breaks appear to be taking longer than they perhaps should or you find that you’re losing contact with team members at points during the day, it is easy to see their location with Movolytics’ vehicle tracking tools. Equally, this GPS tracking enables you to know where your fleet is in the case of vehicle theft ensuring that you can quickly recover your assets.

Your fleet need frequent repairs

Does it feel as though you’re spending more than necessary on repairing your fleet? If so, it might due to some poor driving habits; Movolytics gives the driver live updates on how to improve their driving behaviour and you can receive text messages to alert you to dangerous driving as it happens. This means that you can manage these issues in a timely fashion and save yourself as much costly repair work and reward drivers who are performing efficiently and safely within their jobs.

Timesheets are causing issues and disagreements

If you’re still using timesheets then they are undoubtedly causing you issues; everyone has forgotten to submit a timesheet at least once in their life and the knock-on effects can cause significant headaches for you and the staff member alike. With Movolytics, those issues are a thing of the past with drivers’ reports being delivered directly to your inbox and reducing the time needed to chase people and iron out disagreements.

Movolytics are here to assist you in getting the best out of your fleet and their huge bank of tools will ensure the highest level of efficiency possible.

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