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Telematics is an extremely useful tool when it comes to fleet businesses. Not only can fleet management software help cut fuel costs, identify bad driving behaviours and boost productivity, but it can also help you promote a cleaner environment.

Movolytics can be a great asset to a business trying to be eco-friendlier. Here’s five ways telematics can assist you in reducing your carbon footprint.

Eliminate Fuel Wasting Behaviours

As a fleet business owner, you should encourage greener drivers and reduce fuel spend. What’s the best thing about eco-driving for your business? It helps improve your profits. Every second your engines are running, Movolytics is monitoring driving manoeuvres to dectect inefficient behaviours, such as speeding, rapid acceleration, engine idling or late braking. These actions not only increase your fuel spend but also cause damage to the environment. There’s no simpler way to encourage a green fleet culture than with training and potential to progress.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

The need to reduce carbon emissions has never been greater. Consumers have never been more engaged with eco-friendly practices. It’s the reason why words like ‘carbon footprint’ have turned from CSR buzz words to business-critical challenges. Showing your target audience that you are taking steps to reduce your impact on the environment can have a transformative impact on the way people perceive your brand. Our fleet management system allows you to quantify your efforts, with reports that show exactly how many kilograms of carbon your eco-driving efforts are saving.

Implement a CSR Program

Being a greener fleet business have its advantages. It not only reduces fuel costs but can be a big drive for your business too. Eco-driving could help you win new business. While you may not have CSR guidelines that outline your pledge to cut carbon, lots of other businesses will have regulations put in place. Your green credentials could help you win new contracts, new clients, new suppliers and new customers. Especially when you can show exactly how your fuel-efficiency efforts translate to CO2 saved making your business more ethical, ecological and effortless.

Keep Up with Fleet Maintenance

A sustainable, well-maintained fleet is much friendlier to the environment. Our vehicle tracking system gives you the tool to closely monitor service requirements of each vehicle, so you’re always informed about your fleet vehicle’s condition. It enables you to schedule vehicle maintenance tasks efficiently and receive information on faulty, which in return gives you a green and safer fleet.

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