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Telematics has changed the way a fleet business is run, meaning if you aren’t up to date with the latest technology then you’re bound to get left behind in the fleet industry.

The technology is now considered beneficial for a number of different reasons, but universally because of the improvements it can make to your company.

Fleet Safety

With the improvements in technology, safety is a factor that has benefited greatly. The safety of drivers is now easier to both measure and manage with telematics. Fleet managers can use the software to identify dangerous driving habits and behaviour which can then be highlighted, addressed and dealt with accordingly. Telematics will also help you show you where the most accidents or damages to your vehicles occur, so you can avoid these routes and find safer alternatives for your drivers.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect a lot from the fleet companies they hire to carry out work. There are deadlines, construction management plans to follow and regulations that all need to be considered. Telematics can help you keep on top of all of this with ease. For example, vehicles that are going on and off site can be tricky to keep track of and may result in a build up outside or on the site. To keep clients happy, you can track the flow of vehicles going in and out the building site and avoid any unnecessary crossovers.

Also, telematics lets you track your vehicles, so you know where your drivers are at all times. Therefore, if your driver is delayed because of traffic or external factors, you can let your client know and give them your employee’s exact location – this way they will know what time they’ll arrive.

Increase Productivity

Telematics can help with a lot of aspects of your business on and off the road. Training can be made a lot more competitive and fun with telematics as the technology can provide you with information on driving that can provide you with efficiency scores for each driver. These stats can then be presented as a leaderboard with incentives for the drivers at the top, helping to create a little competition among your employees and encouraging individuals to perform better and rank higher.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Telematics is a useful way to spot trends and identify ways in which you can reduce fuel and operational costs. You can find out what driving behaviours are impacting fuel efficiency and send alerts in real time to warn drivers of the dangerous conducts that are costing you money too.

Improve Vehicle Maintenance and Turnover

It’s not enough for just your drivers to be looked after anymore - your vehicles need regular maintenance checks too!  With the introduction of telematics to the fleet industry, there’s no excuse for you to miss a check. Telematics software will send drivers a live update when they are due for a maintenance check and let you know the state of the vehicles.

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