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Telematics has entered and changed the way a lot of different industries work, and the plumbing and heating industry is no exception.

A modern telematic system can help your plumbing and heating business in ways you never thought it could and deliver benefits you didn’t even know you needed. It’s the first step to an advanced, evolved and improved version of your company – the one you set out to achieve at the beginning of your business journey.

Cut Costs

Without telematics, you won’t be able to see how your company has performed at the end of the month. However, with telematics you can track fuel cost and driver behaviour, so you can see where you’re going wrong. You can then cut costs and work out what needs to be changed to save money.

Speed Up Response Times

With telematics, plumbing and heating companies can respond to emergency callouts quicker and even guarantee an estimated response time. When someone’s home is flooding or their office is freezing, it’s vital that your company can provide a rapid response. 

If you provide a service in a large geographical area, it will be harder to track drivers manually. Employees not on the road can quickly locate drivers and identify who’s the closest to the situation. A telematic dashboard lets you always see the whereabouts of your drivers. This means you can pinpoint your plumbers - anytime, anywhere - with live maps. With this information, businesses can see if they’re on the road to their next job or already at a residence.

Improve Customer Service

Consequently, telematics can improve your customer service. Your plumbing and heating business can be quicker at responding to emergencies, but it’s also ideal if there’s traffic and a plumber is going to be late. You can dispatch vehicles a lot quicker to clients to keep on top of scheduled and sudden appointments.

If a customer is asking where your plumbers are, you can give them a live update of their location, which looks far more professional than having to find out through calling.

Telematics creates happier clients, which in turn boosts morale throughout the whole company!

Improve Routing and Job Scheduling

Telematics keeps track of when your drivers have and haven’t been working. Thus, you can keep an eye on the hours an employee has worked. This solves any invoice disputes with clients claiming your staff haven’t worked for long enough or resolves any arguments with employees about pay.

However, it’s also good to keep an eye on how long your plumbers have been driving for. It becomes illegal for individuals to drive for so long without a break, but many will want to work through the fatigue and tiredness.

Better Driving Behaviour

Your plumbers’ driving behaviour reflects a lot on the reputation of your business. Bad driving behaviour affects the safety of employees and other drivers on the road and impacts fuel efficiency too. Telematics can be hugely beneficial to plumbing and heating companies because it can track the way an employee drives. Managers can then train drivers accordingly.


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