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Alerts whenever vehicles enter or exit key sites

It’s great to have a live map showing vehicle location. But unfortunately you don’t have time to sit around watching a map all day. With geofencing you can stay on top of key vehicle movements no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Define a zone on a map and as soon as one of your vehicles enters or exits that area, you will receive an alert via email or SMS. 

  • Track the movement of vehicles into and out of key sites
  • Alert clients to imminent arrivals and verify that staff are on site
  • Control the number of vehicles on site and enhance asset security

What is geofencing?

Think of a geofence as a virtual fence that cordons off a certain geographic area. With Movolytics the moment one of your vehicles crosses the boundary of that fence, you will receive an email or SMS alert. Your geofence can be large or small - and you can create as many as you need, wherever you need them. It’s a smart, simple way to track the movement of vehicles into and out of key sites.

Provide an even better service to your customers

Time is money. Set up a geofence around a customer site and you can let them know when the driver has arrived. Whether your business has been called urgently to replace a leak or you are on the way to drop-off a delivery, a little communication goes a long way and will ensure your customer is ready and waiting when your driver arrives on site.

Control the number of vehicles on site 

Sometimes it’s just good to know when your staff are on site - and when they’re not. But what if you are working in an area where the movement of vehicles is carefully controlled? Many construction sites, for example, have rules in the Construction Management Plan regarding the flow of traffic. With geofencing you can set up a controlled zone around traffic-sensitive sites to make sure your vehicles are in-line with the rules.

Never get caught out by traffic restrictions 

Many of the world’s metropolitan hubs aren’t exactly traffic friendly - it’s common for commercial vehicles to be restricted during normal business hours. Infringing these rules can incur heavy fines, yet drivers are human and can easily stray into restricted zones. To make sure that doesn’t happen, set a geofence around the restricted area that’s active at the same times as the traffic restrictions. You will be notified the moment a driver crosses a restricted boundary, allowing you to call the driver to take action before they incur a fine. 

Raise the alarm for potential theft or unauthorised vehicle use

Geofencing doesn’t just monitor when a vehicle arrives at a certain place. It’s also great for tracking when a vehicle leaves a specific location too - and that can be great for security. Let’s say your fleet is locked in a yard overnight. Or perhaps your vehicles have been left on a construction site across the weekend. Activate a geofence around that location and you will be alerted as soon as a vehicle breaks the perimeter, allowing you to take immediate action against potential theft or unauthorised vehicle use. 


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