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Have you ever heard someone refer to telematics as SaaS and been unsure what they were on about? Or maybe this is the first time you’ve seen the acronym and are curious about this industry lingo? Well, SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is also known as on-demand software. In simple terms, it involves software that is hosted centrally and available via subscription. SaaS has becoming highly popular over the years, with software available across numerous markets, from games and messaging software to accountancy and HR systems. With SaaS becoming integrated into our needs both at work and at home, it’s no surprise that the industry is booming. Back in 2010 it’s reported that SaaS sales reached $10 billion, and they’ve only increased from there.

In light of the popularity of SaaS or Software as a Service, it’s no surprise that it has found its way into the fleet management industry in the form of telematics technology.

So how does telematics technology work?

For the SaaS to work, you’ll need a piece of hardware to host the telematics technology. It’s a small item, which is connected to the engine of a vehicle and takes about an hour to install properly. This technology then gathers data related to the vehicle, such as:

The piece of hardware collects all of this information and sends it over the network to the telematics servers, much like you would send an email. The software then organises all of the raw data into easily digestible reports. You can view these reports from your telematics technology account.

Simply put, you can see that telematics technology is a form of SaaS because the information is collected and converted by the software provider’s servers. This means that you don’t need to use up room on your computer installing lots of software or saving all of the different reports, as the SaaS does this for you. Another benefit is that you’re able to log into your account from multiple devices, such as your mobile phone, a work computer or your personal laptop. If you weren’t using a SaaS, you’d need to install compatible software onto all of these devices.

A SaaS also makes your statistics easily digestible. Rather than having to collect all of the data and organise it yourself, telematics technology can organise all of the information for you, giving you an oversight of each drivers’ performance. It even provides a running analysis, so you can track the progress of your drivers or keep an eye on any repeated mistakes that they’re making.

Thanks to telematics technology SaaS, fleets are able to:

  • Get real-time location of your drivers.
  • Track and improve driver safety.
  • Spend less time faffing with spreadsheets.
  • Keep track of fuel consumption.
  • Easily gather statistics on the fleet’s performance, for both internal improvements and to provide customers with accurate information about your services.

Sounds good to me!

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