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According to the Department for Transport, there were 5,730 accidents related to drink driving in 2015 alone. That equates to 15 accidents every single day. As part of the transportation industry, it’s imperative that we do our part to avoid becoming part of these statistics. And with Christmas just around the corner, now is the most important time of the year to stay vigilant and ensure members of the fleet don’t drink and drive.

For the average driver, drunk driving can have personal implications. However, in fleet management the consequences are much further reaching. Here are some of the potential outcomes from your drivers drinking on the job:

  • Your driver has their licence taken away, meaning they can no longer be a member of your fleet. They lose their livelihood and you lose an employee.
  • After being caught drunk driving, a note is made on your employee’s criminal record. With a criminal record, your driver may have difficulty getting into certain countries. This is less than ideal if your fleet management crosses borders.
  • Negative PR for the company if you’re employee is involved in a drunk driving accident that makes the news. This has the potential for further financial impact and your company’s reputation declines.
  • If the driver is caught drunk driving and blames the company for pressurising them into getting behind the wheel or states that you were aware of the danger and still let them drive, you can be charged with corporate manslaughter. Recent cases have resulted in hefty fines of up to £200,000.

So, what can you do to avoid the dangers of drunk driving, especially during this time of year where they’ll be spending their evenings getting merry?

  • If you’re having a work Christmas party, don’t arrange it on a weekday evening. Alternatively, why not give your employees the next morning off after the festive bash, so they have time to recover before hitting the road.
  • Remind your employees of the company policy. Share your rules on drink driving and also accident reporting via an email newsletter or even consider running a mandatory session in the office. Open up the forum so drivers can ask questions and fully get to grips with what you’re saying.
  • Add a section on drunk driving to your website FAQs so your employees can find information easily. Use clear and concise language to highlight the main consequences of your employees drunk driving.
  • Consider implementing random breathalyser checks, to hold your drivers accountable. It takes the human body numerous hours to process alcohol, so a night out on the town may result in someone being over the limit the next day. In fact, the Department for Transport reports that over 20% of prosecutions for drink driving are a result of drinking the night before. Keep an eye on this by issuing your own tests to check for safe blood alcohol levels.
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