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When you are trying to manage a team of drivers, no matter the industry or what you are trying to transport or deliver, things are never going to be easy. There are so many things to think about and consider, however, there are ways that you can try to make things a little easier for you as a company.

That answer is fleet management. There are a variety of benefits to opting for fleet management, some of which are obvious, some of which you might not instantly think about.

Some of the benefits that you all know about fleet management

One of the most obvious has to be that it can help to reduce the costs that are associated to your business and running your fleet. Driving down fuel cost is one of the biggest savings. A fleet management software gives you precise data on fuel consumption and fuel wastage, highlighting exactly where your vehicles need to improve. Another huge benefit of fleet management is that it offers a higher level of customer service by giving them timely service, even if there are unexpected delays.

Some of the benefits that you may not know about

Of course, when it comes to fleet management there are some benefits that everyone knows about, however, there are also some benefits that you may not immediately think of.


When it comes to fleet management, customer service is a big benefit. One way to do this is with geofencing. Geofencing allows you to set an area (or fence off an area) i.e. a customer site. Your customer can then receive an arrival notification when the driver enters that area. It means they are more likely to be ready waiting when your driver arrives.

Real-time alerts to fleet managers

We all hope that our drivers are going to drive carefully and keep to the rules that we have outlined for them. However, sometimes this isn’t going to happen. With fleet management software you can set up to receive real-time alerts that relate to your drivers and will alert you of any infringements such as speeding.

Timesheet reports scheduled

Productivity is a huge factor of fleet management, after all you want to deliver the very best service, but of course make sure that it is cost and time effective for you as a business too. Another huge benefit and bonus of fleet management is that it helps to generate timesheet reports, which eliminates manual timesheets and helps saving time for your drivers and the fleet manager.

Maintenance alerts

Keeping your fleet maintained is vital, after all, you need to make sure that your vehicles are in the best condition. Fleet management offers maintenance alerts, which means that you can always stay on top of checks and work that needs to be carried out.

Business mileage claims

Tax is never easy, particularly when you have a number of factors to consider. Any ways that you can make it easier is going to be incredibly welcome. Business mileage claims are one of these, however, fleet management systems are able to help with these. Which can prove valuable.

As you can see there are a number of benefits to fleet management systems, so if you are considering taking advantage of all these benefits, why not take a product tour?



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