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Let us introduce you to just six of the features our amazing dashboard has that assist you in managing an efficient fleet:

Understand who is costing you more money and why

Movolytics’ dashboards allows you to easily see who your best and worst drivers are and why they are ranked in that way. This enables you to establish higher standards and make suggestions to your team which will enable them to meet them whilst improving their driving and efficiency when meeting deadlines or attending appointments. You could even turn it into a game for a healthy dose of competition with rewards for the most fuel-efficient driver each month.

Reduce your fuel costs and budget accordingly

Arguably, one of the biggest costs when running a successful fleet is the cost of fuel and, with prices continuously on the up, that’s unlikely to change any time soon. With Movolytics’ dashboard, you are able to: find the most fuel-efficient journey, and know how your driver’s behaviour impacts these costs – from speeding to harsh braking habits. These tools can help to improve your costs and your company’s carbon footprint too.

Track the movements of your fleet

Once your fleet has left your headquarters then it can be anyone’s guess where they go, how they get there, and what they get up to in between; and this can end up costing you a lot more without you realising it’s happening. Our dashboard tracks use of your vehicles and will alert you to unauthorised use outside of your usual working hours, as well as useful day-to-day features such as knowing where your vehicles are during their daily errands, or even where your vehicles are if they’re stolen.

See the trends and learn from them

The Movolytics dashboard enables you to see trends and patterns in your drivers’ behaviours and how they impact your business and its budgets in the short and long terms. Not only that but, if any of your drivers are driving in an unsafe way then you will be alerted immediately. This gives you strong training opportunities for your staff meaning you can assist in improving their skills whilst limiting further issues in the future.

Find out how much idling is costing your business

How many times have you left an engine idling and, without realising, a few moments have stretched into a few minutes? This time adds up and can cost your business a lot of money in the long run. Movolytics tracks this and lets you know just how much money could be saved by limiting this wasted time and fuel.

Straight forward timesheets

At the end of each week, a report is quickly generated and emailed across to your inbox by each driver. No more paper, no more chasing up forgotten timesheets, no more time wasted spent arguing over hours: simple, efficient, clear.

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