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According to the Home Office, a total of 1.97 million speeding tickets were issued in 2016. That’s four tickets every minute. The statistics for 2017 are yet to be released, but they’ll undoubtedly paint a similar picture; if not worse. After all, the number of speeding tickets handed out in 2016 is an increase of 25,000 from 2015, and an increase of 107,000 compared to 2014.

What does this mean for fleet management companies

For those of us involved in fleet management, these road traffic offences aren’t just an inconvenience, they have an impact on the business. Speeding tickets don’t just affect the driver, they reflect on the company by:

  • Increasing costs
  • Damaging the company’s reputation
  • Putting your drivers out of action, if they have too many offences

Some people may think that a speeding ticket is the sole responsibility of the driver and is caused by bad driving. However, in fleet management, there are numerous factors involved that may have caused drivers to speed. For example:

  • A driver could have an extremely large workload and be attempting to complete all their work in an unsuitable time frame.
  • A traffic accident or unexpected levels of congestion have meant drivers spend more time idling in traffic than moving from destination to destination.
  • An employee hasn’t had their designated driving break and decides to grab a bite to eat, but the queue for food is huge. Now they’re pushed behind in their schedule.
  • This is how the employee normally drives, but they usually don’t get caught out by speeding tickets.

So, what can you do to combat the need for drivers to speed in the above situations? This is where a fleet management solution comes in. A vehicle tracking system can provide the support that drivers need to successfully make it from A to B without feeling the need to speed, and therefore risk receiving a speeding ticket.

Real-time vehicle tracking

Thanks to real-time speeding alerts, vehicle tracking is a fleet management solution to speeding tickets. It means you can track speeding in real-time. Speeding alerts notify you as they happen, via SMS or email, when your driver exceeds the speeding limit. Once your driver turns off the ignition, you feed them the information and make them aware of their speeding event.

Driver behaviour analysis

Fleet management software can provide a performance profile for each driver. Through this, you can identify bad habits that cause unsafe driving. You can also see which roads a driver repeatedly speeds on, so you’re able to correct this behaviour and reduce the risk of the driver before your company. By combatting a driver’s speeding habit, you’ll also improve their driving and make them less likely to speed on other roads.


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