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We all know which local roads we consider to be the most treacherous and the pitfalls of each which we patiently and carefully negotiate. However, some roads are actually labelled as being amongst the officially most dangerous roads in the UK. Just recently, the Road Safety Foundation named the A254 between Margate and Ramsgate as the most dangerous road in the UK, following extensive research which focused on factors such as the number of traffic collisions, the number of road-related deaths, and the quality of the road’s infrastructure. The A254 had 21 fatal or serious crashes between the years of 2014 and 2016.

Other dangerous roads include:

  • the A603 between junction 12 of the M11 and the junction with the A1134 and Newmarket Road;
  • the A5028 between the junction with Bedford Road and the junction with the A45;
  • the A21 between the junction with the A2100 and the junction with the A259 at Hastings.

What do all of these roads have in common? They are all busy motorways and ‘A’ roads. The report states that most of these accidents happen on motorways or ‘A’ roads outside of urban areas and that a recent investment of £100 million is set to save a predicted 1450 serious or fatal injuries from occurring. In 2016, the report states that the societal cost of road traffic accidents was £36 billion which makes up 2% of Gross Domestic Product.

When you weigh up these costs (as well as the unquantifiable cost of human life), it’s easy to quickly see the value in keeping on top of fleet safety with regards to driver’s breaks, creating realistic deadlines, and ensuring your vehicles are well maintained. Movolytics provides you with automated messages when a vehicle is due to undergo maintenance meaning that you’re able to keep your drivers and other road users safe.

At least some of the responsibility must lie with drivers and the choices they make on the road. Movolytics’ software is loaded with safety features which allow you to monitor these choices and discover who is being sensible and who isn’t. This can allow you to track your driver’s road behaviour: if a driver is speeding or driving dangerously then you will be sent a text message to alert you to this in real time. Of course, with deadlines to meet, drivers often do feel pressured to perform but safety is a non-negotiable and Movolytics ensures this is upheld all the time by also alerting you to other dangerous road safety issues such as a driver not taking regular breaks at suitable intervals.

The report makes for interesting reading and its conclusions about the types of roads that provide the most danger are easily identified as being the faster, less urban roads which see drivers making mistakes due to tiredness or pressure, or experiencing issues with their vehicles. In this day and age, road safety should never be a secondary thought and Movolytics is on hand to ensure that this is never the case.

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