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Driving efficiently and in an eco-friendly way saves lives, money and the environment.

Here are our top tips for driving more efficiently, that you can share to your fleet drivers, to help save your company money and aid in the reduction of your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Accelerate Gently

Rapid acceleration is wasteful and uneconomic and is labelled as unsafe driving. Gently accelerating instead of slamming your foot down on the accelerator is a far better way to drive efficiently and safely on the roads.

Keep Your Speed Steady

Maintain a steady speed on the roads as going up and down on the speedometer can actually increase your fuel usage and harm the environment. Therefore, unnecessary speeding is considered very inefficient when it comes to driving.

Turn Off Your Engine

It’s essential to turn off your engine when you’ve stopped the car for longer than a minute, unless you’re stationary in traffic. Idling your vehicle wastes a lot of fuel while it’s not moving and still turned on, so make sure to switch if off if you’re parked up for longer periods of time.

Find Alternative Routes to Avoid Traffic

Traffic can slow you down and leave your engine running longer. Having to stop and start every time the traffic moves not only prolongs your journey but decreases your fuel levels. Plan your journey in advance and identify routes that may be busy or are known for high levels of traffic and avoid them. Listen to traffic reports on the radio and search your route on the Internet to ensure you’re taking the best route possible. There are re-routing tools in our fleet management that will help you avoid the latest traffic flare ups.

Brake in Time

Late braking is considered inefficient when driving, as it’s better to anticipate when you need to slow down and lower your speed, so you don’t have to slam down on the brakes and save some fuel. Coasting towards a red light is much more beneficial to your fuel tank and your wallet.

Check your tire pressure every month and make sure you’re not carrying unnecessary weight in your vehicle, especially items on top of the car like roof or bike racks. These kinds of objects will not only slow you down but increase the amount of fuel you will use when driving.

Get Fleet Management Software for Your Company

Managing your fleet is the best way to keep track of what your drivers are doing and keep an eye on their fuel costs and driving behaviour. Fleet management software can help your company keep track of inefficient behaviours such as speeding, rapid acceleration, engine idling or late braking. It then gives the relevant driver real-time prompts that will help them to correct their performance and drive more efficiently. Every second that engine runs, the software tracks the vehicle and its efficiency on the roads. This not only eliminates bad and potentially dangerous driving, but helps your company save time and money on fuel cost and possible vehicle damage.

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