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Have you ever heard of the enneagram? For those who haven’t it’s a tool that explains the nine interconnected personality types. The enneagram is circular in form, with different personalities linked via the lines that bisect the circle. Although the origins of the enneagram are mostly unknown, many historians agree that the modern interpretations hail from South America.

Despite its mysterious past, the enneagram has become a widely used model for gaining insights into different personality types and their approach to strategies and decisions making. Some even use it in a business setting to understand the dynamics of the workplace!

In the fleet industry, we can use the enneagram to categorise different drivers. Have you ever wondered how your personality affects your driving style? Maybe you’re aware of some of your quirks but want to know what they mean?

If so, take a read through the below to see which of the nine types you fit into!

Type 1

Type 1 is organized to the point of perfection. They are committed and balanced. When it comes to driving, type 1 makes sure to regularly change their oil and keeps an eye on their tyre pressure. Did you know that driving on tyres below the optimal tread depth can reduce fuel efficiency? Type 1 knows!

Type 2

Always putting others needs before their own, type 2 is an altruist. They’re the person you approach when you need help with a task, no matter how big or small. Always thinking of others, type 2 is likely to offer to help before you even ask. 

Type 3

Individualist to the extreme, type 3 puts themselves first. For drivers, this means they place a lot of importance on reaching their career objectives. Behind the wheel, type 3 is likely to tailgate slow drivers and speedily steal parking spaces if they see a space they’re after.

Type 4

Type 4 is a creative yet sensitive individual, whose vehicle is one of a kind. It’s most likely a work of art and upgraded with every possible mod-con available. Some type 4 drivers go down a different route, and transform their vehicle into the ultimate comfort. Filled with cushions and with at least one bumper sticker on the rear, the vehicle is a place to feel Zen.

Type 5

Logically minded, type 5 is a great observer and always knows what’s going on. When they decide to buy a car, type 5 will explore all of the options and may even create a list of the pros and cons to make sure they’re making the right choice. Type 5 is also a big fan of fleet management systems like Movolytics, as it allows them control over their journey and plenty of analytics to study.

Type 6

Type 6 has a great respect for the rules. When they buy something new, type 6 will read the instruction manual from front to back, and will probably give the warranty a proper read, too. All the paperwork on their vehicle is tucked into a plastic folder, with one copy stored in the vehicle and another in a safe location in the office. Type 6 will never overload the vehicle, as they know this increases the fuel consumption.

Type 7

Enjoyment is a priority for type 7, who will always do things with enthusiasm. They are a great entertainer at parties, and are the person you ask to be in charge of music when you’re on a road trip. Type 7’s driving is cheerful and carefree – nothing can incite road rage! However, sometimes type 7 needs to be reminded that they need to use the right gear when driving to save fuel.  

Type 8

Vigilantes, protectors and born leaders, type 8s are those who almost seem like superheroes. Poor driving will anger a type 8, and they’re likely to remain annoyed for quite some time after witnessing bad driving behavior. However, type 8 is also something of a gentleman and will jump into action should someone need some guidance when parking in a difficult spot.

Type 9

Type 9 is calm and serene. They always obey the speed limits and know to avoid unnecessary braking or acceleration. In a tense situation, a type 9 is the best person to have around. Their friendly demeanor can calm down any uncomfortable situation – they may even end up becoming friends with he person you were arguing with! Surely most of our customers would love to have type 9s in their teams!



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