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We recently discovered that one of our satisfied clients had written an article explaining that they’d employed our help to streamline their fleet and reduce the impact their fleet was having on the environment. After reading through their article, we’re proud of their progress and happy to be helping!

Who are they?

The company is called Shed, and they are a grounds maintenance contractors to the commercial sector. They’ve grown exponentially since the company was founded in 2003, thanks to their stellar reputation, and now provide their services nationwide in the UK. This involves travelling from their base to a number of locations (often visiting multiple locations in one day), taking their equipment with them on the road.

Why did they choose to use Movolytics?

With a fleet of drivers on the road, Shed decided that it was time to improve their services with the help of our SaaS. The company forms part of the ISE 14001:2005, and have made their own personal environmental targets. These involve making a commitment to reduce fuel consumption by a minimum of 10% each year, in order to decrease their impact on the environment. It’s a great commitment (and has even landed Shed an award-win), so we were happy to help them further their progress towards becoming a more environmentally-friendly business.

Here’s how Movolytics has helped Shed with their operations:

  • Thanks to our software’s fuel tracking abilities, Shed has been able to analyse how much fuel was being unnecessarily used when vehicles were idling, or were not in the optimal gear. Using real-time GPS and traffic updates, the Shed team can now send their drivers on the most fuel-efficient journeys by re-routing the vehicle to avoid congestion or traffic accidents. This has cutting down on Shed’s fuel spend and also had a positive impact on their carbon footprint.
  • By providing a detailed report on each driver’s behaviour behind the wheel, Shed have been able to recognise and rectify poor driving behaviour. In terms of achieving the company’s key performance indicators, data provided by Movolytics has enabled the Shed team to encourage more safe and efficient driving.
  • Lone workers now enjoy improved safety. This is thanks to the alerts that our software sends to a vehicle when it has not moved for a specified length of time. For the winter gritting fleet, this was particularly useful.
  • With drivers being more efficient behind the wheel, the vehicles are in much better condition. The shelf life of each vehicle has been extended, while maintenance issues, such as tyre deterioration, has been reduced. The software will also allow Shed to keep track of necessary maintenance, like MOT and service checks. 

Read their testimonial here.

If you’re looking to improve your carbon footprint, do check out our offering and discover what our software can do for you. If you’re more interested in the streamlined benefits that Shed has also enjoyed, we can offer that to your company too.

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