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Posted by Kate Doyle
  1. What hardware does my company need to access Movolytics platform? There are two different ways to access your Movolytics account. You can access it from your browser on your computer, or you can download our mobile app from the Apple store or the Play store. 
  2. How much does it cost and do I have to pay for set up? The cost to use Movolytics will depend on your fleet's size and the specific characteristics of your business, which is why we don't have set prices, but tailored solutions for each company.
  3. How long does it take to install it from the moment I sign the contract? We work around you. We are available to schedule installations within 7 days, including Saturdays. Each installation takes on average 30-40 minutes per vehicle.
  4. What kind of reports does Movolytics provide? There's a broad range of reports and dashboards you can find on Movolytics, depending on the information you are seeking to get such as fuel wastage reports to driver behaviour, driver safety score, automated timesheets etc. Once the contract is signed, one of our consultants will give you a thorough online training to customise the system to your needs.
  5. Can I receive alerts on my phone when certain events happen? Yes, you can receive both SMS and email alerts, depending on the urgency. Some alerts that you can set up are speeding, geofence alerts, fleet maintenance alerts, etc.
  6. How often does the information update? Every 30 seconds.
  7. My drivers use their vehicles over the weekends, how can I discriminate that information? We provide a privacy switch which can be activated at any time.
  8. How accurate is the information shown on the system? Movolytics has the most accurate algorithm to calculate the information provided, taken directly from the engine. You can read more about how we calculate the fuel spend on our article “Real-time fuel technology” .
  9. What happens if I need technical support/training with your system? We offer unlimited online training.
  10. Why should I choose Movolytics? Movolytics features the most accurate fleet management system in the market, taking the information straight from the engine, and using a patented algorithm to show exactly the fuel wastage, in pounds and pence. As a summary, we offer the most updated technology at a cheaper price.
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