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When choosing a car, drivers get to choose between those that are petrol, and those that are diesel. Whilst some may understand the difference, there are others who simply won’t know which one is better, but which one is better, petrol or diesel?

Diesels have often been thought of the best choice if you think of yourself as a frugal driver. However, does diesel actually save you money? Or is petrol just as cost effective?

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Which is cheapest?

When you are working out whether petrol or diesel is cheaper, it is important to start with the price difference in the car itself. It is often the case that a manufacturer will add a premium onto a diesel version of a car, which can sometimes be as much as £1,000.

Those who choose a diesel car will look at fuel costs, fuel economy and car tax, all to see whether or not this added premium is still worth making the purchase.

  • Fuel Economy- Diesel cars often offer a better level of fuel economy, but if you are not running the car at a high speed on a regular basis this can cause issues. You also need to do more miles in order to make the most of any economic form of fuel, so unless you are a fleet manager or have a number of miles to clock up on a regular basis, then it may not work out any cheaper for you.
  • Cost of Fuel- It always used to be the case that diesel was more expensive then unleaded petrol. However, over the years this price difference has dropped and now you may find diesel available at a lower cost than petrol. 
  • Car Tax-  For diesel cars that were bought before April 2017, car tax is cheaper than a petrol counterpart.

Which has the greater environmental impact?

We now live in a world that is much more aware of our carbon footprint, as well as the impact that we have on the world around us. This has meant that more and more car owners want to know whether a petrol or a diesel car has a greater impact on the world around them.

Diesel cars have had some pretty bad press over recent years, with them being cited for pumping out more pollution then their petrol counterparts. A real change from the days when many people thought that petrol cars were the worst culprit.

It has even meant that some cities have called for diesel cars to be banned from their streets, with a publicised case of this occurring in Paris during 2014.

The choice between diesel and petrol really is a personal one and it depends on what you are looking for in a car. For private drivers it may be more of a decision of the vehicle itself, but for fleet managers, there are plenty of other factors to consider before deciding to go down the petrol or diesel option.

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