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Movolytics fuel management system changes the way fuel is measured, recorded and reduced

Fuel data is meaningless unless it’s accurate. Movolytics fuel management system uses patented technology to gather real-time information straight from your engine. No other fuel management system is this accurate. When it comes to reducing fuel spend, Movolytics is miles better.

  • No estimates – advanced technology pulls accurate data straight from the engine for informed business decisions
  • Patented fuel technology
  • See exactly how much inefficient driving costs your business in lost fuel

Supremely accurate fuel data, linked to driver behaviour

If you are paying for a telematics product, you should be able to trust the data. Movolytics reports directly from each vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port. That means crucial data on speed, driving performance and fuel use comes straight from the engine. All of the numbers that matter are calculated within milliseconds and sent to the cloud to give you a clear picture of fuel consumption, fuel waste and fuel spend in real-time. The patented algorithm used in Movolytics even looks at clever stuff like engine coolant temperature and mass airflow readings to bring you accurate fuel data that makes sense at a glance. And all of your engine readings are backed up instantly within the system to prevent data loss. No GPS, no problem.

No more inaccurate fuel data!

Other telematics providers have their own ways of measuring fuel consumption. They’re not always accurate!

Most standard telematics systems measure mileage and speed through GPS. That’s a problem. GPS tracking works by taking readings at separate data points and then calculating average speed and distance to estimate fuel data. In short, your numbers are estimates. Not true readings. Your reporting cannot be accurate when it’s based on averages. To make matters worse, if your drivers lose GPS signal while in remote areas, no vehicle data is recorded – skewing your numbers further. As for fuel card integration, that’s only useful if you know exactly how full each tank is before it’s refuelled. Movolytics’ wasted fuel tracking is the most advanced on the market. We make sure your numbers are accurate. Count on it.

“Since implementing Movolytics we have reduced our fuel spend by 20%. It made us realise exactly how much fuel was wasted on idling, speeding and bad driving habits.”

– Dave Gibson, Facilities Manager, Triangle Lift Services

Find out which drivers are costing you the most

Our fuel management system makes it easier to see the true cost of bad driving.

Driver behaviour has a massive impact on fuel consumption. Figures from the AA show that travelling on a motorway at 80-85mph, rather than 70mph, can increase fuel consumption by more than 25%. Movolytics makes it easier than ever before to discover the link between driver behaviour and fuel waste. Our fuel management system measures each vehicle’s exact speed and tracks over 150 driving behaviours – in categories like acceleration, braking and cornering – to build a profile of inefficiency for every driver in your fleet. Find out exactly how much wasteful habits are costing your business in pounds and pence.
We really know when engines are idling

Has your driver left the engine running? Or are they just listening to the radio?

Idling is costly. Figures from Ford show that one hour of engine idling equates to 25 miles of driving. Most fuel management systems record idling inaccurately – lumping true idling in with data from vehicles that are simply stuck in traffic. Movolytics is smarter.  It knows the difference between a vehicle that’s been left with the engine running and a vehicle that’s stuck in traffic congestion.

There’s more. Some telematics systems will record an engine as idling when ignition is at point one. We know that your driver is simply listening to the radio and not wasting any fuel. Movolytics is built for supremely accurate data – giving you the numbers you need to make smart, informed business decisions.
Approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency

Movolytics fleet and fuel management devices are approved by the VCA.

We take safety as seriously as you do. That’s why it’s important that Movolytics comes with a seal of approval from the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). Our fuel management devices have completed rigorous testing to make sure it never interferes with other electronic vehicle components. The VCA has certified that Movolytics devices will run smoothly and safely in all vehicle environments. Our production is also monitored by the VCA to make sure each telematics unit we produce is of the same high quality.

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