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It’s important to find the fleet management system that’s right for you. Therefore, you may need to spend a bit of time researching your options and asking questions. When looking into telematics systems, you may think that there are lots of similar options on the market. So how do you find the right telematics for you? Well, if you know what questions to ask, you’ll be able to scout out the superior products in no time.

For example, plenty of companies will rely on averages and estimates to provide their statistics. But when you’re looking to integrate a telematics system into your fleet, guess-work simply won’t do! Take a look at The Movolytics Difference to understand more about why tracking the likes of driver behaviours and fuel consumption needs to be done properly.

What else needs to be correctly tracked when it comes to telematics systems? If you find yourself asking questions like this then take a look below at the list of questions that we believe you should be asking telematics companies when shopping around for the right fleet management system for you. We believe that you should have all of the information at your disposal when you’re making a business decision and understand that it’s common sense to shop around. We hope you’ll appreciate our flexibility and commitment to honesty. We also know that our offering is one of the best around, so have provided our own answers to the below Q&A, which will give you a bit of perspective when quizzing other telematics providers!

Here are the questions to ask a telematics company:

How does the system record driver behaviours?

Older systems will use accelerometers to collate driver behaviour. For a more accurate profile, look for software that will take the information directly from the vehicle’s engine management system, like Movolytics.

How do you extra your fuel data?

Movolytics fleet management software will help you to cut fuel costs by showing you every instance of inefficient driving such as excessive idling, vehicle speeding, inefficient driver behaviour and unauthorised vehicle use. Find out where it’s happening, when it’s happening and why it’s happening. Then take steps to improve driver behaviour and reduce fuel spend.

How do you track fuel wastage, and does the system link both driver behaviour and fuel wastage?

Thanks to Movolytics’ using a patented software, the system can show exact fuel usage and wastage in a monetary figure. From rapid acceleration, harsh braking, hard cornering, excessive idling. Our system shows you exactly how much each bad driving event costs your business in pounds and pence.  

How quick does your Live Map on the system refresh?

Movolytics updates every 30 seconds.

Does the system provide ‘true engine idling’ analytics?

Rather than just tracking when the ignition key is turned, Movolytics connects directly to the vehicle’s engine management system to give true idling.

Does the system take mileage directly from vehicle’s odometer?

The majority of systems record mileage through GPS. However, GPS works using ‘as the crow flies’ distances, which don’t account for turns in the road, changes to the vehicles speed, and even satellite drift. Superior systems like Movolytics will track mileage from the odometer.

Can the system report vehicle faults?

This is a rather rare feature when it comes to telematics systems but is an excellent feature to have access to. Systems like Movolytics that link directly to the vehicle will be able to actively report any vehicle faults when they occur.

Does the system take speed directly from the vehicle’s speedometer?

Cheaper and older systems will use GPS to measure speed, which provides inaccurate results. This is because it provides an average speed between two points, rather than giving the exact speed. Movolytics can take the speed directly from the speedometer.

How far back can you access your data from the system?

Movolytics customers can access data for the last 12 months. If you need data that goes beyond the last 12 months, not a problem. Just call our customer support team and they will be happy to help.

Can you use the system to message drivers?

Why not simplify your technology and have everything in one place? The Movolytics platform allows for two-way texting, at no additional cost.


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