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As a business owner or employer, you are likely to come across many difficult and challenging situations in your career, but it’s important to know how to overcome these dark and problematic times.

As a business owner, you’ll have to manage a group of individuals and a fleet of vehicles, especially if you work in the electricity, construction, transport, service and plumbing industry and the service they provide to your clients.

How Can an Employee Dispute Affect My Company?

Things get complicated when money gets involved, and the workplace is no exception to this. Paying your employees can be a simple task that may result in disputes, arguments and confrontation. For example, your staff members may think they have worked more than they have and be entitled to more money than you have paid them. If you’ve got nothing to back up your side of the story, or any evidence to show they have been paid the right amount for the time they have worked, then you’re going to be in trouble.

Disputes with your employees may work out and be resolved, but if they aren’t then your business could suffer the consequences of that argument. For instance, the disgruntled employee may quit if they feel they have been wronged by you and your company. Other members of staff may see this and think negatively about the job too. High turnovers can have a damaging impact on your business and damage your reputation as a good company to work for. With social media and job websites that show reviews of your business becoming increasingly popular for employees to vent and complain on, potential candidates may be put off coming to work for you, because of the negative feedback.

Therefore, it’s important to handle these kinds of complaints professionally and firmly.

How Can a Client Dispute Affect My Company?

In jobs that involve driving and a fleet team, drivers’ hours are logged on their timesheets. Without being able to track your drivers or the hours they’ve actually worked, you’ll find it hard to stand your ground if a client suddenly disputes the number of hours your employees have worked on their site.

Managing an invoice dispute has to be carried out carefully. Similarly, to an angry employee, a client can slander your business and affect your reputation massively, so it’s important to listen to what your customer is saying and how they want it to be resolved. The quicker the dispute is fixed, the quicker the client will be satisfied and the less likely they will be to give you a negative review.

Firstly, you’ll have to look through all your records and timesheets and speak to everyone involved. It’s easy to give in and give your client what they want, but you may lose money and undermine your drivers. In these situations, it’s best to have fleet telematics and tracking software – this way you can track your drivers, the hours they worked and the routes they took, so you’ll know exactly what hours they spent on site and have the evidence to back it up.

How can Movolytics help?

Movolytics’ fleet management system automatically collects all the information about your business that you need. This information is then shown on dashboards and reports. Regarding the hours worked, our system features an automatic report called “Daily timesheet” that collects the information about the worked hours and journeys for each vehicle and driver, and you can even get it delivered to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or downloaded directly from the system.

What next?

If you’d like to know more about Movolytics, just book your free demo.

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