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Posted by Kate Doyle

When using telematics, a fleet can create a vast amount of data. After all, each vehicle can be used for up to a dozen journeys a day, meaning systems are being fed more and more information all the time. But what is happening to this data once it’s collected? Is it being used to its full potential?

In many cases the answer to this is no. The data is being used for simple processes, and never reused to its full potential. So how do fleet managers make the most of telematics data? By making a couple of changes to the way things are done, the data collected by telematics service provider system can be used to its full potential.

Here are the top mistakes to avoid when using a telematics system:

  • Not organising the drivers into groups.

Modern telematics systems like Movolytics can be personalised to suit your business’ needs. At the beginning, deciding how to organise your reports is an important step. It may seem like a big decision to make right at the start, so take some time to think of the most sensible system for your fleet. The most common ways to divide drivers is by vehicle, as this allows you to make a much more meaningful comparison of each drivers’ behaviour. However, other helpful ways to organise drivers can include tracking them based on the time of day the journey takes place, or simply by putting them into departmental teams.

  • Only reviewing the data every now and then.

Once you’ve set up the telematics system, it’s easy to think that the job is done. However, keeping an eye on the data is a vital part of ensuring that drivers improve. It’s important to check your telematics dashboard regularly and forward driver reports to the relevant individual. If that individual is you, you’ll need to check those reports against your KPIs and identify where improvements can be made. Why not put a weekly reminder in your calendar to ensure you complete this task?

  • Not utilising the ongoing support.

Most telematics systems will come with a free ongoing support system. This shouldn’t just be used for troubleshooting – regular meetings with your support team can help you get the most out of the system. The focus of your business is likely to change over time, so your telematics needs will need to change too. Advancements in technology, could also have an impact on your telematics needs.

  • Keeping the data private.

To get the most out of your telematics data, you will need to share it with your drivers. Detailed telematics systems like Movolytics will create a detailed driver profile, which can highlight bad habits such as excessive speeding and harsh steering. Using the data, you can provide feedback to your drivers and keep track of their progress as they strive to improve. Some companies will even use the data to create a league table for their drivers, in order to reward good behaviour and improvements.

With so much data being collected by the telematics system, the biggest mistake you can make with telematics data is to not use it to its full advantage! Speak to a member of the Movolytics team today and find out what our system can do for you.

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