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Training your fleet drivers can have huge benefits for your employees and your business and should be an important feature in your company plan.

Training can appeal to potential candidates wanting to come work for you, with the idea that they’ll learn as they work. It is likely to keep current employees working for you too, with the knowledge that they will grow in their career.

Train for the Environment

Training is also good for correcting and teaching drivers safe and efficient driving behaviour. Engine idling, harsh acceleration and late braking are all bad driving habits that can cost your company money, as each manoeuvre uses more fuel than necessary. However, it’s not only fuel costs that increase, as all these negative habits can have a hugely damaging impact on the environment too. As we move into a new era of business, clients and customers are looking for partnering and working with companies that promote good ethical behaviour and if your business is environmentally-friendly or at least working towards good ecological methods, then your company is likely to have a better reputation.

Safety First

Telematics can help track a fleet driver’s behaviour and identify where they are going wrong, especially when they are driving erratically, unsafely or uneconomically. Fleet management software can then send a live update to the driver, in real time, that will direct them on where they’re performing incorrectly. For example, if the driver is speeding or cornering, you can send an alert, identify the problem and the driver will be far more likely to avoid such dangerous habits. Bad driving can lead to crashes and accidents, whereas advising the driver will help them avoid such negative consequences. Thus, this will save money on insurance, repairs and the downtime it takes to send another driver to do the work that the previous employee couldn’t make.

Create More In-Depth Seminars

Therefore, telematics and fleet management software becomes a kind of training on the go system, with employees watching the fleet drivers’ behaviours as they work and sending them messages on where to improve. Nevertheless, telematics can be utilised in training sessions too. The fleet management software monitors the drivers’ behaviours throughout their journeys, meaning you can access reports on where specific drivers are going wrong. The telematics will identify a safety score, meaning you can take the information to training seminars and explain in more depth what behaviours are and aren’t acceptable. The software also keeps a log of all the risky behaviours a driver has carried out, so you can highlight them in the training sessions. This is a far more motivating strategy then just repeating the same generic lessons every other week. If it’s a common behaviour throughout all your drivers, you can also choose to focus on the topic for lessons that month too.

Rewards for Good Behaviour

You can implement a reward system and recognise good driving behaviour with gift vouchers or certificates that will make drivers want to work hard on correcting bad driving habits and unlawful conduct. Challenging your drivers and making it into a competition will make your employees want to improve for good rewards.

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