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Vehicle tracking systems are common place among the majority of fleets. Yet not all systems are created equal. Persevering with technology that’s inappropriate for your business can be as bad as not having any fleet tracking technology at all.

Vehicle tracking systems are advancing. Fast.

Fleet tracking technology is in the fast lane. The latest systems are highly accurate with advanced features that can slash overheads, simplify fleet management and give you real-time insight on your working world. Legacy systems are becoming a mere speck in the rear view mirror. Outdated technology no longer stacks up in terms of features, accuracy or reliability.

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Persevering with old or ill-fitting fleet tracking technology can cause big problems. Your business is as unique as your fingerprint – and it’s important to spend time finding the vehicle tracking system that best fits your business, your fleet size and the type of journeys you undertake.

Do any of these eight pain points sound familiar? It may be time to begin looking for a vehicle tracking system that’s a better fit for your business.

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1. Your fuel data is patchy

Fuel data is meaningless unless it’s accurate. Most standard vehicle tracking systems estimate fuel consumption, taking readings at separate data points and then calculating average speed and distance to estimate fuel data. To make matters worse, if your drivers lose GPS signal while in remote areas, no vehicle data is recorded. As for fuel card integration, that’s only useful if you know exactly how full each tank is before it’s refuelled. In short: you are relying partly on guesswork. And guesswork is not a good foundation for managing one of your biggest and most unpredictable overheads.

Movolytics uses patented technology to gather real-time fuel information straight from your engine. Data is taken from your vehicles’ on-board diagnostics port and calculated within milliseconds. You see exactly how much fuel you are using, exactly how much fuel is being wasted and exactly how much it’s costing you in pounds and pence. Movolytics also links fuel consumption to driver behaviour. Identify wasteful habits like excessive idling, rapid acceleration and heavy braking. See how much they are costing you. And find out which of your drivers is most culpable.

2. You don’t really know where your drivers are

Does your current vehicle tracking system help you pinpoint driver location? The rigours of modern fleet management demand accurate insight on the location of your vehicles. With modern vehicle tracking systems you can view a live map of vehicle location 24/7/365.

3. You struggle to respond to eleventh-hour callouts

When you don’t know where your drivers are, it’s tricky to respond to emergency or last-minute callouts. Instead of seeing the availability and location of your vehicles on a screen, you have to play several games of telephone tennis with your drivers. That could mean lost revenue. For your customers, sometimes minutes count.

4. Your vehicles keep getting stuck in traffic

The UK is a small island with lots of vehicles. Traffic congestion is inevitable. But there are things you can do to reduce the impact of busy roads on your day-to-day operations. For instance, modern vehicle tracking systems can give you live traffic updates. And if the traffic conditions change up ahead – perhaps because of an accident – you can contact your drivers and help them to avoid delays and reach their destination on time.

5. You struggle to keep on top of vehicle maintenance

You know that your vehicles cost you less when they are in good condition. They are more fuel-efficient. And there’s less chance of them breaking down and needing costly repairs. But staying on top of your maintenance schedule is a chore, isn’t it? It feels like one of those tasks that you keep meaning to get around to, but struggle to find time for until it’s absolutely necessary.

Help is at hand. The best vehicle tracking systems prompt you when it’s time to complete key vehicle maintenance checks that will keep your vehicles running at their best and most efficient. So you can stop worrying about falling behind schedule and concentrate on the rest of your to-do list.

6. You have no way to resolve customer disputes

Customer disputes: they don’t happen often. But when they do they are a serious drain on time, morale and productivity. So what do you do when a customer disputes the time you spent on site? Or claims that you were late for a pickup? Or argues that your driver didn’t turn up at all? Without a way of tracking your vehicles, it’s your word against theirs.

Not so with the latest vehicle tracking technology. Movolytics, for instance, tracks every vehicle, every driver and every journey they make. Every address your drivers visit is logged, along with their arrival time and their departure time. Search by date, driver or vehicle to browse journey data and resolve customer disputes in a matter of clicks. Simple.

7. You hate chasing timesheets

Sometimes it feels like you spend half your week chasing drivers for their timesheets. And when it comes to pay, you have no real way of knowing whether drivers are exercising a little flexibility with the truth.

As we said above, the best vehicle tracking systems log data on every journey. You can easily see what time drivers start their engines, when they finish for the day and all the stuff in between – such as addresses visited, scheduled breaks and more.

That makes it easy to verify timesheets. And with Movolytics you can do away with them altogether!

8. No real-time data and slow systems that crash

You have a vehicle tracking system in place and you’re damned if you’re changing it. It’s too costly, it’s too much hassle, it’s too darn disruptive. (At least that’s what you think.)

The problem is that fleet tracking technology has advanced hugely in the last five years, let alone the last decade. When you persevere with slow, stodgy legacy systems you miss out on features. You miss out real-time fleet insight. And you waste time interpreting patchy data that isn’t always available when you need it.

The world is real-time. Availability and integrity of data is everything.

What next?

Movolytics is the most accurate fleet fuel management product on the planet. (The technology we use is patented for a reason.) Find out what else makes Movolytics the most exciting product in fleet management in our short guide.

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