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Being able to track your drivers’ routes will be one of the most useful assets to your fleet company. Route tracking should now be an essential part of your business if you work in the construction, plumbing, service, transport, logistics, electrical or any industry that requires a fleet and vehicles.

Although the fleet management software system doesn’t allow drivers to re-route while driving, they can check our system before going on the road to see the best route available, as well as using Google street view to identify that the address they have is the right place.

You Can See Where Your Vehicles Are at All Times

However, the benefit of doing it on the system and not on Google Maps directly, is that they’ll have the route history and can also see where all vehicles are.

This is especially beneficial for construction companies that need to know where vehicles are at all times to avoid build up on and off site, and helps the business abide by the Construction Management Plan that helps control the flow of vehicles on the construction site. Clients really do favour companies that can uphold their promises and make their lives a lot easier.

Transport and logistics companies will also find route tracking extremely useful as a vital part of a logistic business is to be able to track the goods and services that the vehicles are transporting. Knowing where the fleet’s drivers are at all times means you can relay the information back to a client and share the driver’s location in real time.

You Can Save Fuel

Software means you can track where routes were more fuel efficient as the route history is saved and stored. Also, finding the best route for your driver can also help your employee avoid traffic. This means they will avoid more wasteful driving habits. Fuel efficient routes and stopping engine idling will not only help you cut the costs of fuel, but also help you lessen your company’s carbon footprint.

Clients are far more likely to work with businesses who are doing their bit to be eco-friendlier, than those who waste fuel and disregard wasteful behaviour.

You Can Save Time

Along with saving fuel, you can also save time. Finding a route that avoids built-up traffic will get your employee to their destination quicker. This is particularly useful for electrical and plumbing companies that may have to get to sites during rush hours. Being punctual and turning up early will also please your client, meaning more satisfied customers!

You Can See the Exact Routes Taken

Route tracking can be handy in the present, but it’s even more useful for the future. If a client disputes an employee’s hours, then you can account for the amount of time a driver has spent getting there, when they’ve arrived and the time they’ve left. You can then use this as evidence in any invoice disputes.

You can also make sure that your drivers are sticking to their authorised routes and not making any personal errands or unexpected drop-offs.

What next?

As you can see, we have a lot of faith in our product. If you’re not quite ready to get in touch, download our product brochure. It’s a short run-through of our product benefits and explains how it could help SMEs like yours operate more efficiently. It’s concise. It’s clear. It’s free to download.

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