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No business can survive with poor customer service. In today’s highly competitive market, this is truer than ever, with customers spoilt for choice when it comes to companies promising them the very best. By providing exemplary customer service, your customers will trust in your ability to deliver and return time and again to make use of your services. With their repeat business, you’re able to further tailor your offering to suit their needs, further improving the customer experience. From a financial perspective, this repeat business also cuts down on marketing costs, as there’s no need to fork out a small fortune on advertising to draw in new custom. Providing customers with great service can even be a form of advertising in itself, as your regulars recommend your business to their friends and family, or leave you glowing reviews online.

So how do we receive this reputation for great customer service in fleet management?

Fleet Management Features

We can use software to:

  • Showcase to customers the importance you place on delivering on time. After all, your team aren’t just moving from A to B, they’re using state-of-the-art technology with real-time traffic updates in order to take the best route.
  • Show customers the importance you place on safety. Thanks to tracking software, one of the great fleet management features is the driver reports that are created. With the ability to analyse and improve on your drivers’ performance on the road, your customers can rest assured that their needs are being met by drivers who are safe on the road.
  • Provide statistics. Nothing is better for customer service than accurate information. With your drivers’ every move tracked through fleet management software, you can prove to customers that you’re not just talking the talk, you can also walk the walk.
  • Keep all of your vehicle information in one place. Is your customer wary about the state of your vehicles? Not to worry, fleet management software can keep track of every vehicles condition, from recording when the wheels were last changed to prompting you when its time for a vehicle to be serviced.
  • Highlight your attempts to reduce your carbon footprint. Thanks to the fleet management software, you can train your staff to drive as green as possible. Customers who worry about carbon emissions will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that you’re playing your part in reducing the carbon footprint. 
  • Make sure you know when to say no. If a customer is asking you to do something difficult, you can use the fleet management software features to decide whether their demand is feasible. Sometimes, great customer service can mean saying no to a task that isn’t possible, rather than attempting to do the job and ending up doing it badly.

All in all, there are no shortage of great fleet management features when it comes to vehicle tracking software. So, get ahead of the game and watch your customer service satisfaction rates grow, too.

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Lynsey Denman

I have been with Movolytics since the beginning of the company. My job is the customer experience leader which means that I get to speak to a wide range of customers ensuring that everyone has a smooth customer journey while also managing the top accounts. In my spare time I like going for a run, taking my dog out and a good bottomless brunch.