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Posted by Kate Doyle

We are proud to announce that we have made it to the finals of the SME National Business Awards for the Green Award Category!

The Green Award gives recognition to companies that are committed to improving sustainability by reducing or fully removing the impact of products or services that are harmful to the environment. In addition to improved fleet performance, safety and fuel-efficiency, increased sustainability is one of the cornerstones of the Movolytics software, so it’s great to have received such recognition for the hard work we have put into bringing this commitment to life.

Why Did Movolytics Make the Green Awards Shortlist?

Our expertise in driving sustainability is twofold. Firstly, we are committed to providing fleet managers with the tools they need to track their carbon footprint. Next, we show managers how to use the information they’ve been given to make a difference to their operations. With a customer service team available for all Movolytics customers, we can provide tailored advice, that keeps up with the businesses changing needs.

Our Commitment – We provide customers will the tools needed to manage their vehicles in an accurate and meaningful way. For example, our fleet management software:

  • Provides data on each vehicles’ fuel consumption. This is further broken down to show how poor behaviours such as excessive speeding can be driving fuel consumption higher than necessary.
  • Can assist with journey planning. Thanks to the accuracy of our GPS tracking system, drivers can be sent down routes that involve fewer traffic jams, where idling and crawling in a slow gear leads to excess emissions.
  • Keeps vehicles running at their peak. Thanks to the extensive data that our Movolytics software analyses, its fault code alerts mean managers can deal with any potential issues swiftly and keep vehicles running in their optimal condition.

We’re also committed to further improving sustainability, and will be introducing new software features to give an even better insight into vehicle health.

Our Impact – Rather than relying on estimations, the Movolytics software uses an extensive amount of data to provide an accurate picture of each vehicle and each driver. Thanks to this data, we can also show just how much of a difference the fleet management software can make to each organisation. For example:

  • On average, new customers are able to reduce fuel consumptions by 10% per vehicle within their first year of installing Movolytics software.
  • After signing up to Movolytics, a bus and coach customer discovered that their drivers were routinely leaving engines running, even when coaches were parked. Once management became aware of this behaviour, the company reduced their fuel consumption by 10%.

After customers transform their fleet into a more sustainable model, we can track their success, and target any further issues that may arise.

What Now?

We’ll find out whether Movolytics is the Green Award winner at the SME National Business Awards Night on Friday 7th December. Until then, we will continue to improve the sustainability of fleets with our Movolytics software, and showcase just how much we deserve to be on the shortlist. Fingers crossed for 7th December!   

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