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Fleet telematics not only helps your company save money and be better to the environment, but fleet management software can also help improve your customer service, your customer retention and your drivers’ safety.

Here’s how our fleet telematics software could help your electrical company:

Save Money on Fuel

As the electrical industry is competitive and evolving, you and your business need to stay on top. You need to be productive and pro-active and fleet telematics can help you move closer your company’s business goals and objectives.

Managing your fuel usage is one effective way to cut your costs for your electrical business. Although fuel may not seem like a big expenditure, it can be unpredictable so it’s harder to account and financially plan for. Tracking fuel helps you work out in advance how much your fleet are going to cost you for the month, allowing your budget to be more accurate.

The fleet software also tracks drivers’ behaviours and their performance, so you can work out where your employed driver is going wrong and the software can give improvements on how to drive more efficiently in real time.

The software also keeps an eye on basic maintenance checks and will let you know when it’s time to complete oil levels, brake fluid and tyre thread, so you can avoid paying out more money than you should.

Abide Construction Management Plans

Developers love suppliers that follow a CMP (a Construction Management Plan) and part of the strategy includes managing the flow of fleet vehicles in and out of the development site. However, fleet management software lets you track the vehicle, so you can keep track of what vehicles are coming in and out of the site and avoid build-ups of cars and vans in and outside the area.

As an electrical business, especially with a fleet of drivers carrying out job daily, it can be hard to keep track of what hours and shifts your employees have worked. Our software helps you to keep track of vehicle journeys and duration, so you’ve got evidence of how long your drivers have

Quicken Up Your Drivers’ Journeys

Save time on the road with our software that helps you find new routes and shows traffic flare ups, which means you avoid heavy build ups of traffic and find new roads that will get you to your destination quicker.

You can also reschedule appointments in an emergency and work out exactly where your drivers are with the management software. You can give your clients and construction sites exact arrival times of your employees and improve your customer service by avoiding any complaints about late arrival by keeping your customers informed.

When you are in charge of an electrical industry you need to be at the top of your game and managing your staff and your vehicles is the best way to keep track of costs by keeping an eye on fuel and drivers’ behaviours.

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Nick Patel

I’ve been in the fleet management industry for the past 8 years, helping companies to find more efficient ways of managing their fleet of vehicles. I joined Movolytics in 2018 as Director of Business Development, leading and training the sales team.