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Telematics are becoming increasingly more popular in the construction and transport industry, and the benefits of having fleet management software have transported into all different sorts of businesses.

Transport and logistic companies will find lots of benefits in incorporating telematics into their every day lives. Here’s how fleet management software and telematics can change your logistic business:

Telematics and Transporting Goods

A logistics company is responsible for planning and controlling the movements of products and services in a supply chain. They must get goods, supplies, materials, equipment and sometimes even information from point A to point B, from the original supplier to the customer or client, while keeping track of the product. This means that telematics is the perfect match for a company that needs to keep track of vehicles and items, as it can help employers of fleets to see where their drivers are, where they’ve been and how long it will take them to get where they’re heading.

Telematics Can Help You Deal with Customer Complaints

As you can track the movements of your fleet, you can see the movements of the products and supplies. If a client is complaining that you haven’t delivered to product on time, or haven’t delivered your service at all, then you can prove you’ve carried out the job by showing your client the information from the telematics. The software will record and track and give you data on where your driver was at a particular time.

Also, if your driver is delayed by traffic, fleet management software can help you relay a quicker route to your employee so they can get to their destination quicker. You can also send a message to the client to let them know the driver and the goods are on their way and give an exact estimated time of arrival with the help of knowing where the fleet vehicle is. This means you can apologise for any delays and keep the client up-to-date with the whereabouts of their products.

Similarly, if your driver is involved in an accident, you can locate them more easily, let the client know, and send someone to retrieve the products and carry on the journey. Movolytics’ “find nearest vehicle” functionality can be very helpful in these cases.

Telematics Can Help You Be More Fuel Efficient

With telematics, you can track the movements of your drivers and the goods more easily, but you can also help eliminate bad driving habits to cut your fuel costs and be more efficient. For example, engine idling, harsh acceleration, hard braking and unnecessary speeding are all the result of wasteful driving behaviour. This not only wastes fuel but can be extremely damaging to the environment. Telematics and fleet management software can identify if a driver is driving dangerously and create monthly reports on where a driver can improve their vehicle handling. You can also send drivers direct messages, alerting them that they are driving in an unsafe manner or in a way that’s not fuel efficient.

You can also track your vehicles to make sure they aren’t wasting fuel on unauthorised drops. You can make sure you fleet are sticking to the agreed routes, and aren’t using the vehicle for personal errands, thus saving company money and time.

What next?

As you can see, we have a lot of faith in our product. If you’re not quite ready to get in touch, download our product brochure. It’s a short run-through of our product benefits and explains how it could help SMEs like yours operate more efficiently. It’s concise. It’s clear. It’s free to download.

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