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From lower fuel costs to faster response times, fleet management systems can transform business for HVAC companies. And that’s not just a load of hot air.

What is a fleet management system?

Good question! A modern fleet management system (or telematics platform) provides in-depth insight on your vehicles: where they are, where they are going, how they are being driven and how much fuel they are using.

By signing in to a secure website, you can access all the numbers that matter from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

The best fleet management systems also go beyond data collection to make it easier to manage your fleet – slashing response times to emergency call outs, improving driver safety and dramatically reducing your fuel costs.

As with most technology, there are many different telematics providers. Some better than others. But we are confident when we say that Movolytics is the most accurate fuel tracking software on the planet. (The technology we use is patented for a reason.)

Here are 8 ways a fleet management system could benefit your HVAC business.

1. Improve driver behaviour, reduce your fuel spend

You have engineers on the road – day in, day out. It goes without saying that fuel is one of your largest and most unpredictable overheads. But it’s likely that a good fleet management system could reduce your fuel costs significantly. For example, many Movolytics customers have cut their fuel spend by as much as 30%. That brings a £2,000 monthly cost down to £1,400.

Movolytics tracks 150 driving manoeuvres in real-time. Reports show you the financial impact of each driver’s inefficient behaviour – laying out the cost in pounds and pence – and showing you precisely where you drivers need to make adjustments in order to save money for the business.

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2. Jam the handbrake on speeding

You work in HVAC. A big part of your business is going out and meeting customers, whether you are repairing systems or installing new ones. Engineers can sometimes feel pressured to put their foot down when they have a busy day of appointments. Yet speeding can cost your business big – and not just in terms of fuel waste.

With Movolytics you can set alerts that allow you to call time on excessive speed. The moment one of your drivers exceeds a certain speed (you set the thresholds), you will receive an alert by email or SMS that allows you to take action. When drivers know their speeding will be flagged, they are way less likely to break the rules.

3. Improve your response to emergency call outs

When your customers’ heating or air conditioning develops a fault, they want it sorted pronto. Understandably. The response you offer can make or break your relationship with that customer. A good fleet management system will ensure you are there promptly when it matters most.

With Movolytics’ live map you can see exactly where your drivers are – anytime, anywhere – as well as where they are going next. That makes it easy to identify and dispatch your nearest available engineer to the emergency call out. Get confirmation that they are en route and share an accurate arrival time with your anguished customer. No annoying telephone tennis. No excessive waiting around. Jump into action in a matter of clicks.

4. Find the most fuel efficient routes

The more vehicles you have on the road, the more important it is to make sure they are moving from one appointment to another efficiently. In fact it’s crucial for your bottom line as well as your customer service provision.

Relax. Movolytics helps to make sure every journey is as stress-free and kind to your overheads as possible. Punch in the address and Movolytics will return the most fuel-efficient route from Point A to Point B. Best of all, our MovoDrive app will automatically reroute drivers based on live traffic information if it identifies avoidable delays up ahead.

5. Provide proof of service to customers

It doesn’t happen often, but it’s incredibly frustrating when it does: a customer disputes the amount of time you spent on site. The best fleet tracking systems give you a measure of defence.

Movolytics tracks every vehicle, every driver and every journey they make. It logs each address that has been visited, what time the engineer arrived and when they departed. Sign in to your account and all the data you need to provide proof of service is right there.

6. Stop unauthorised vehicle use

Sometimes drivers use business vehicles for personal errands. It may not sound like a big deal. But across the course of a year the additional fuel costs can be significant. Movolytics gathers data on your vehicles every time the engine is started. You can easily see whether vehicles are being used out of hours or being driven to non-business addresses. You can even set alerts that notify you the moment the ignition is turned out of hours.

7. Wave goodbye to paper timesheets

With such an accurate record of addresses visited, the time spent there, total driving time and the number of breaks taken, you can say goodbye to paper timesheets. No more chasing engineers for last week’s hours.

8. And no more fretting about vehicle maintenance

Buying your fleet was a significant expense. It makes sense to keep your vehicles in the best shape possible – not least because it will save you money further down the line in terms of repairs. But with a large fleet, staying on top of maintenance schedules is easier said than done. So let Movolytics do it for you. The moment it’s time to perform key vehicle maintenance checks, Movolytics will send you an email. Job done.

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