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Whilst it is fair to say that every industry that involves using a fleet of vehicles can benefit from using the Movolytics software, today we are specifically discussing the benefits to plumbers.

The plumbing industry has been enjoying a huge boom in demand in more recent times and this has led to customers often needing to wait for services.

With Movolytics, this is all set to change as we can ensure a greater degree of efficiency in time, cost and staff management.

As we have all experienced at one point or another, the need for a plumber can often be an emergency and when water is gushing from a pipe in your home, you want to know that your plumber is on the way to rescue you.

With Movolytics, you can easily and quickly see which of your fleet is the nearest, available vehicle to the emergency and they can be dispatched immediately. Also, you will be able to monitor the progress of that vehicle and, remotely, be able to track its location enabling you to give real-time updates to the customer ensuring their comfort in knowing that support is on the way.

This means that you are able to say ‘yes’ to your customers with confidence and ensure their satisfaction and, even, their repeat business whilst providing a personalised and efficient service.

Plumbers are often some of the most in-demand tradespeople on the market and, if you own a plumbing company, you want to know that you are getting the most out of your team and their vehicles.

Movolytics enables you to monitor efficiency in a number of ways: you can track your team’s total working hours; track their use of fuel; and, with built-in street view navigation, you’ve never been better positioned to increase productivity in your fleet.

These tools, and the others that Movolytics provide, allow you to cut costs, increase the amount of work you take on, enable you to track the efficiency of your staff, and make sure that your team is arriving at their appointments on time rather than struggling to find the right address or getting stuck in traffic jams.

We at Movolytics are excited about the assistance we can provide all of our clients and, in particular, the aid we can provide to plumbers and other home emergency-focused teams.

Often, when customers need your services, they need them immediately and, with Movolytics, you are well placed to cater to that need like never before.

Gone are the days when customers would accept waiting around and, increasingly, they demand quicker and quicker service. The Movolytics tool suite enables you to meet that demand in a personal and client-facing way meaning that not only are you better positioned to manage the efficiency of your fleet, you’re also able to keep your customers smiling too.

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