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Thanks to growing customer demand, the delivery and logistics industry is booming.

Consumerism remains high, and more and more buyers are opting to shop online, further increasing the demand for fleets on the road.

And while the situation may look positive, tough competition within the industry means companies can’t afford to take a back seat.

Businesses need to show customers that they’re a cut above the rest.

So, how do delivery and logistic companies attract new business while retaining their current clientele? With the help of vehicle telematics, of course.

Here’s how vehicle telematics can keep your company competitive in the fleet management industry. 

  • It’s cost effective
    Vehicle telematics can provide GPS tracking and real-time traffic updates. Armed with this technology, drivers are able to take the fastest route to their destination, cutting down on fuel that would otherwise be wasted if vehicles were left idling in traffic.
    The vehicle telematics technology also creates a report on each driver’s vehicle handling, so you can see a detailed analysis of their behaviour on the road. This means you’re able to keep track of any poor behaviour such as excessive braking and abrupt turns, and then target any areas that need improving in terms of both safety and fuel consumption.
  • Customer satisfaction ratings will improve
    Thanks to the GPS tracking feature, vehicle telematics can make your services more reliable. You can provide customers with realistic delivery times, improving their trust in your services. By delivering on your promises, customers are far more likely to use your services the next time they’re in need, rather than spending their time researching an alternative company.
    In turn, this repeat business will lead to new customers. That’s because your satisfied clients will provide free marketing services by recommending you to their friends and families. You could even ask them to write you a testimonial online, giving your company credibility.
  • Productivity will increase
    With your drivers taking the fastest route from A to B thanks to the live updates provided by vehicle telematics, they’re able to make the most of their time. That means you’re able to increase the number of customers drivers can accommodate, increasing your productivity on the roads.
    This improved productivity will also be experienced by those in the office, who are able to spend less time tracking the likes of MOT due dates and chasing drivers for their timesheets as the vehicle telematics system can do both of these jobs, too.

In short, vehicle telematics is an excellent way to give your company that competitive edge. The technology can help you tackle the challenges involved in fleet logistics, while also providing a number of extra benefits. And with technology becoming a more and more integral part of the transportation industry, getting ahead of the curve will put your fleet in a great position for the demands of tomorrow.


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