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As a fleet manager, you have more technology available to you than ever before. That’s a good thing. The latest innovations in fleet management are making it easier to reduce fuel costs, improve driver behaviour and boost your eco-credentials. Here are five technologies to watch in 2019.
Another day, another product innovation. Technology is moving so fast that you can barely go 24 hours without bumping up against the latest must-have product in your sector. Yet as anyone familiar with the detachable dog sack will tell you, not all “essential motoring innovations” are quite as essential as they claim.

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Telematics isn’t among them. The latest fleet tracking systems give fleet managers like you unparalleled business insight – allowing you to cut fuel costs, improve driver efficiency, boost customer service and more. Here are five telematics technologies to watch .
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1. Fuel consumption can now be linked to driver behaviour

The latest telematics products track fuel spend with incredible accuracy. Better still they show you exactly how much wasteful driving behaviours cost your business in pounds and pence. Bad habits like harsh braking, rapid acceleration and incorrect gear use are logged for each driver, allowing you to find out exactly where performance needs to improve to drive down your fuel spend.

2. Access to your working world – anytime, anywhere

You can order pizza, book flights and learn a foreign language from your mobile device. Why shouldn’t you be able to manage your fleet too? The best telematics platforms give you access to your data across smartphones and mobile devices. That enables 24/7 access to your working world, anywhere you have an internet connection. Business intelligence in the palm of your hand.

3. Automated vehicle maintenance

It takes a disciplined service schedule to keep your vehicles at their best and most efficient. But staying on top of vehicle maintenance checks – such as brake fluid, tyre pressure and brake light illumination – isn’t easy. (Chances are your to-do list is already bulging.) And the bigger your fleet, the bigger the problem. Some telematics products now monitor service schedules for you, sending you a reminder when it’s time to complete key checks. The very latest innovations can even detect when something isn’t quite right with a vehicle in your fleet – such as a badly worn clutch or low battery. That allows you to fix a developing fault before it takes one of your vehicles off the road.

4. Use of wearables to track driver sleep quality

While not strictly related to telematics, some fleet managers are beginning to use wearable tech to monitor the sleep quality of their drivers. The idea – and it’s a controversial one – is to use the sleep data gathered by wearable tech to judge a driver’s fitness for the road. It can also be used to make sure drivers are getting the rest they require on their breaks.

5. Measure your carbon reduction efforts

Some of the latest telematics systems encourage greener driving and show you exactly how much carbon you have used/saved on each journey. It allows you to quantify your impact on the environment and highlight the measures you are implementing to reduce it. That’s good news for forward-thinking businesses. For starters, customers are more and more engaged with eco-policies and are voting with their wallets. Secondly, while you may not have a carbon reduction policy, many businesses do. Your environmental credentials could just win you a new contract.

What next?

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