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Stop keeping secrets. Movolytics is a perfect way to incentivise your employees to make your fleet more profitable. A fleet management system collects a lot of information about your drivers. Why not share it with everyone? At the end of the day, this will benefit your business and your drivers.

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I’m sure most of you will be wondering “why should I reward my drivers? I already pay them for doing their job!” The answer is very simple. Everybody gets motivated through recognition. In return, motivated drivers increase productivity, decrease the risk of an accident, reduce fuel cost, and most importantly, safer drivers do not jeopardise your company’s reputation. That is a lot of benefits.
Now that we know the “why”, let’s get to the “how”. Movolytics collects a lot of information about your drivers from wasteful driving habits, unauthorised use, total travel time and any wasteful driving habits. It is time to use this information to reward your top drivers and to implement a training scheme for your worst drivers.

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Here are the five Movolytics reports to help motivate your drivers so they can get recognised.

  1. Idling. Keeping an engine running while sitting in a car is one of the most wasteful habits a driver can have. That’s why Movolytics has its own true idling report. Get your drivers to avoid unnecessary idling and you will see great savings on your company´s fuel consumption.
  2. Driving behaviour. Eliminate bad driving habits such as speeding, hard braking, hard cornering, or wrong gear. Our dashboard tells your exactly how much bad driving habits costs your business in exact pounds and pence.
  3. Safety score. It’s no secret. Safe, efficient driver behaviour saves money. Our system will give each driver a safety score based on their driving behaviour. Use it to gamify the driving experience, challenging drivers to improve their score and compete for rewards.
  4. Daily timesheet. Who’s driven furthest? Who spent most time on-site? Get a clear breakdown of each driver’s daily activity – including stops, distance travelled, hours logged and fuel spend. Reward your most efficient employees. They deserve it.
  5. Wasted Fuel. Exactly how much fuel is each driver wasting? See the impact of inefficient driving habits on fuel consumption – in pounds and pence. Compare with previous periods and reward those with the biggest improvements.

There are many other reports and dashboards you can find on Movolytics, all of them will make your business more profitable and will make your life easier. If you want to see exactly how much your business can save, why not see a free demo of our system today. We will demonstrate a live UK fleet showing exactly how much they have saved since implementing Movolytics.

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